Saturday, June 30, 2007

After a 10-year Hiatus!

Hello everyone! I'm new to the group, and I must confess that I haven't made a ripple anything since I made a ripple afghan for my dad when I was 13. As I recall, I misplaced it before I had a chance to finish it. *blush*

So what has suddenly gotten me back into the ripple? It was only late last year when I first started looking into crochet online, and I was amazed by how popular the ripple has become. Everyone has such beautiful photos of their ripple projects, and they just got my fingers itching join in on the fun!

So here it is, my first ripple in 10 years:

Sixty Six and La Souris Scarf

It's going to be a scarf for my scarf swap partner in the I Love to Crochet Club on MySpace. Yes, MySpace. Apparently crochet has infiltrated all parts of the web!

I'm back!

Well, after a few months of not crocheting at all, I'm back working on my giant ripple. I went into crochet burn-out. I know a lot of us go through that at one time or another. But, I kept looking at my giant ripple and it kept calling my name. So, I started back on it a couple of days ago. I'll take a progress pic after the weekend and I can get in some good crocheting on it.

I also wanted to say that I am loving seeing everyone's ripples. I continued to check out this blog daily to see everyone's pieces progress. Keep up the wonderful work!

Almost there....

Don't think I posted the latest in-progress shots of my happy ripple:

using this pattern, and Sugar 'N Cream cottons. I love this, can't wait to see what happens to the fabric after first wash!