Friday, April 6, 2007

Long time, no post

Well, its been a long month, but I'm starting to again make progress on my blue-and green ripple. Between my grandfather's decline and passing away, taking care of him in his last days (spent at home, thank god) and the subsequent flurry of arrangements, and then the exhaustion, my own migraines, forgetting to order more yarn, exams, etc etc etc..... Well, lets just say I'm thrilled to be rippling again!

Heres the latest two stripes... enjoy.


okay, I've made a little progress

. . .found out my green and orange yarns are Perisan Paterna which is a tapestry yarn - I bought it from a lady who specializes in antique ribbon on eBay. One of the skeins was cut in half so I will either sew in A Lot of Ends, or ? I took another shot of the batch of colors/yarns I am planning on, it seems like too much off-white. What do you think?

Little Ripply Purse

Last night I took a break from my ripple afghan to experiment with silk ripples--but silk being as precious as it is, I didn't want to use too much, and so attempted a little bag:

I made the buttons by crocheting a thin tube, three stitches, coiling it, and then stitching the coil. I like the middle button, but am not sure about the purse--I think I'll use it as a makeup case and call it a day.

Ripple Update

I haven't touched my ripple blanket since Sunday. It's been a crazy busy week with meeting, family in town (yes again, but my DH's family this time) and my little boy's 7th Bday yesterday. Last week my internet was down and I got a lot done so I guess that makes up for it.
Anyway this is the newest picture of my sons ripple blanket. I am halfway through the 39th stripe now, and have plans for a rippely weekend!!!!
The picture is a close-up of what I did last week (from the Black-Dark Orange-Burgandy area to the white). I have a different picture of the whole blanket up on My Blog .

Do I still trust the process?

Oh this is such a challenge for me! I'm really struggling with giving control to the yarn Goddesses and trusting their choice in colours. I don't like it so far. I'm tempted to frog it all - which would also be a huge lesson in letting go of control (Can you imagine all that work - puff gone!?). Anyway, I've noticed a trend: this blanket is turning into something quite similar to my granny square afghan. The colours are the same! See? I don't want two blankets that are the same especially when my granny ghan is so pretty! (I think the ripple would pale in comparison). With that said, I've put out the next eight colours, and I think that my worries may blend in with the new shades.
Ripple Along: six rows complete

I have to disclose something: I absolutely love decreasing! I attempt to reach that time anxiously... that time to not fully finish each stitch. Oh valleys!

Jen - Persephone's Awakening

Ripple progress

ripple progress
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The colder weather, here in Kansas, has me snuggled under my ripple hookin' away. So I'm slowly making more progress.

Thanks for looking.

I'm still alive & slowly rippling

I really feel slow at this compared to everyone else, but what's a girl with too many projects gonna do.
I've used up one of my multi-coloured balls of yarn & I only have one left.
I should be able to get the blanket to about double the size, I hope.
If all else fails, I'll just buy some new yarn that matches & add a wide border around the whole thing. I'm off to ripple along now :)