Sunday, March 18, 2007

as i inch along...

Wow! there's so much progress being made by every one. i feel kinda bad for only inching along on my mini ripple. fortunately, i am getting better with not just setting it aside. so, inch by inch. i'm starting to wish i had started off with the brown because i like the way it's pulling the color scheme together. i may do the border in brown so i can pull together that bottom edge. the different textures of the ww yarns i'm using are working together nice, too.

I'm so tempted to start on the round ripple i started way back when. it feels like a year ago. what i like about working the baby one ^^ is that i can work it mindlessly. this needs more attention and so, it's in the bin.


Hi all! My name is Lisa and I live in South Dakota. I work full time and have an almost 2 year old son. I've been following along on this blog for a couple of weeks and it finally gave me motivation to learn to crochet. I've been knitting for a couple of years, but it's so hard to knit with an interested toddler that I don't get much done. I had the idea that crochet would be easier to protect from wandering hands, and it turns out that I was right. Plus, I find that it's much much easier to recover from when a little someone grabs your work and runs.

I printed out the online pattern that many of you are using and taught myself. I find it to be incredibly addicting and take it with me everywhere. I am using cheap acrylic yarn that I inherited from my grandmother for three colors (red, gray, pink) and I purchased the light gray to go with it. I used the random stripe generator to make a pattern I like. I have only completed three stripes (SO much slower than the rest of you!) but am only attempting a lap-sized afghan.

Here's a picture of what I have so far, with the fourth color behind it.

Single Crochet Ripple

Hello I am new to the Ripple-Along, I asked to be invited as I am enamored with the ripple afghans and I love to see pictures of others in progress and once they are complete. I haven't done a lot of crochet in the last bit, mainly knitting but crochet is my roots. My mom taught me to crochet about 12 years ago, and I was instantly 'hooked', pardon the pun. I love to both knit and crochet, but what I love about crochet as that I am able to make my own designs and patterns a lot easier - I guess I am more accomplished with crochet.

So I am excited to be here and I thought I'd post a pic of an afghan I made a few years ago. It was my first attempt at a ripple pattern and it was done in all single crochet. Unfortunately our dog Oliver who is snuggled up to the afghan also chewed a big hole in it. I guess I now have an excuse to make a new one for myself too.

My mom has been doing some ripples with the granny stitch - they turn out very nice, but they sure do use up the wool. I've thought about doing a new ripple afghan for awhile now and I came across this site a few days ago - that was it the inspiration I've needed to finally get myself going. I plan to do one with different colours for each row(this will challenge my patience with colour, and I want to give it to my daughter for Christmas. She's very fond of afghans made of more than one colour.

Any suggestions on yarn that works great and can pass the test of time? I was thinking of doing it in a TLC or maybe the soft phentex. I'll post some pics early in April once I get the project underway.

day 17

i've gotten several emails asking for some specs, so here goes. i'm using knitpicks merino style and andean treasure and a size USH/5.00 mm hook. i like my crochet fabric to be nice and drapey. and the stitch i'm using is softwaves from 200 ripple stitches by jan eaton.

i'm this close to being halfway down (give or take).

day 17

this may be my favorite color sequence

day 17

napoleon's claimed it as his

napoleon claims his ripple

Gee thanks, Dawn!

I saw your earlier post about trying to adapt the soft waves ripple into a round pattern. It was like you put a bug in my brain. I don't know how to use schematics so I just picked up my hook and some yarn and fiddled until I was satisfied. Here is what I came up with and the colors I'm planning to use to make it after I finish my current round ripple.

I don't know how to write the pattern out, but I was hoping you could just look at my picture and tell what I did. What I can tell you is that you can follow a round ripple pattern like this one for the first five rounds to set up the ripple pattern, then to set up the soft waves, you would work 6 dc in the ch 2 space for the peak and 2dctog, 2dctog for the valley in round 6. For round 7 you would work 3dc in each of the top two dc sts (peak), then dc in next st, 2dctog, 2dctog (valley), dc in next st.
The secret, I think is working 3dc in each of the top two dc sts in the peak. You will see that the increases will happen naturally because on each subsequent round you will have an extra dc st between the peaks and valleys. I'm currently on round 12 and have 5 dc sts between the peaks and valleys. This is probably all clear as mud. Sorry about that. Just wanted to show you that it can be done! Thanks for getting me excited to start another ripple. I'm just a round ripple kind of girl.