Thursday, September 27, 2007

New around here---but not to ripples!!!

Ripples are what got me interested in knowing how to read a pattern---up until I was 21, I was just freehanding along. But since I learned how to read a pattern, I can honestly say ripples make up the majority of my finished projects!!!

I have a favorite pattern, which is one of my current WIPs. I don't have a picture of that, as I'm presently restricted to using a smaller computer (our computer decided to kick the bucket just this weekend! UGH!!!!), but I've got a few close ups of the last one of the pattern I made. I finished that one just last week. I'm using the pattern's recommended weight this time, as it turns out I had a bunch of one color. I'm happy that I will definitely be able to make this version to the required length (the last was just a bit short), and maybe a matching bonnet or some booties.

This is another current project. It's the inspiration for my crochet group co-owner suggesting I try to join this blog! Little did she know ripples are a secret passion of mine! I'm making this afghan for a resident at the home my mom's at, who has befriended my 2 year old! Maybe I should add some stripes of yellow to this, to represent the bananas they bonded over! :-)

Rainbow baby ripple

It's been a while since I last posted, not because I haven't been rippling away, but because I have been unable to finish anything! I wanted to wait until this one was done because it is part of a set of two ripples for a friend who is having twins. The other is going to be a pastel version of the same thing - she is having one girl and one boy.

I'll show you that one when it is done too!