Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Ripple of Many Colors is Complete!

I'm so pumped.....I finally completed my cotton ripple after what seemed a very long time. It really wasn't all that long since I started this in early June, so 4 months, but it just seemed as though I was usually working on just this one project. I used Mission Falls 1824 cotton and an I hook and did the colors at random just choosing which ones I thought were complimentary to their neighbor. I used the pattern from the Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine, the Fall 2006 issue. I haven't blocked it yet so it's not completely widened or straightened yet but it will measure somewhere around 40"x 70" once it's blocked.

I did enjoy crocheting this very much, as it worked up light, airy, and yet still warm and toasty, which was a pleasant surprise for a cotton ghan. This would be the perfect afghan for those who are allergic to wools and perhaps don't care for acrylics. So, what do all of you wonderful fellow crocheters think?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hubby ripple

Just a quick update. The hubby's grey and black ripple is about 5 1/2 feet now. It's got to be 6 to cover him, but I plan to keep working as long as the yarn holds out. Tonight is the night our group gets together, so maybe I can con someone into taking a picture for me. I still have two full skeins of the grey yarn that I haven't touched, so I should be good for at least 6 1/2 feet if not 7. 7 would be ideal because then he would have plenty to tuck under his feet.

The reason for my speed crocheting? The hubby is having total knee replacement on Thursday and would like to cuddle with this when he gets home. Think of me working hard!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

When You Least Expect It

The other night at Knit Knite, I was happily chugging away on my ripple afghan when I started to dawn on me that I had a very small amount of the yarn I was working with left. I crocheted a few more inches and then finally admitted that I would not have enough pink to finish out that row of the ripple. That's when it also dawned on me that as it was my fourth stripe of that color, I wouldn't have enough of any color to finish an entire stripe since they've all been used three times as well. That meant either buying 17 more balls of Cascade 220 Superwash, making this the most expensive blanket I've ever owned, or it meant that my blanket was done. Which do you think I chose?
Final dimensions are 67" long x 50" wide, when I originally was planning on 67" wide x 70" long. This, of course means that my ripples are rippling vertically instead of the typical horizontal ripplage. I have to say I am completely fine with this.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Log Cabin Fever

I did it. I took the jump. is now up and running. Currently it has nothing. But if you want to sign up to post, the email address is listed there. Send me an email and I'll get your invitation sent out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fishing for info

I spoke to Dawn about this already and got her permission to post here. I'd like to try and get a head count of people who might be interested in a log cabin along blog. I don't want to start up something that only Leah and I are interested in. But if the interest is there, I just might do it. Or maybe I can talk Leah into helping me out with it. Do I have any takers?

One More Down

Here is a another completed afghan for my Christmas 2007 project.

crocheted ripple afghan for my brother

This is the Golden Harvest design from the Leisure Arts pamplet, Rippling Effects. 4 colors of Red Heart Super Saver and a size I hook. I modified the pattern for a narrower width, and less rows in each dark brown section. It is a nice stitch, alternating rows of crocheted Vs and then a row of single crochet. It is nice and lacy, but still substantial.

I am down to really needing to order yarns to complete another brother's afghan, and then get back to the squares for my sister's. Since sister's afghan is too fiddly to do while I am with other people talking and such, I plan to take my completed afghans out for a spin - to stitch in ends and show them off.

I am also planning another afghan for myself - a chakra colored one (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) done up using the new Vanna White yarn. The colors are nice - not clownish and the yarn is really soft. I am going to use it in my Reiki healing work. After that, who knows?

Peace! Susan (aka ZenKnit)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Storm Clouds update

I am working specifically on this as I want to finish it by this weekend. This was as of the 20th (Sat). It is a wedding gift for a friend's dd. She is getting married mid-November, so I want to mail it out next week latest.

It is about 2/3 done at this point. TFL!

*clickable pic*

Back in black...and grey

Wanted to update everyone on the progress of my ripple. I'm still without a photo, but I'm working like a maniac on the hubby's ripple. It's all done in black and grey, double crochet, working in the back of each stitch (not sure what to call it, but I know it's not the back of the post) to create texture and to ensure that I can easily work while watching TV and not have to count. I said it before in my comments, and it bears repeating, it's like crocheting in Pleasantville. I'm seriously waiting for Reece Witherspoon to come along!

The reason I'm working so frantically is that we got news the hubby would be having total knee replacement surgery in the next couple of weeks. He'd love to have it to curl up with when he gets home from the hospital. So, it's gained at least a foot in the last couple of days. I'm almost to 4 feet and I'm trying to get to 6, possibly 7 feet. We'll see how long the grey yarn holds out. I usually work with Red Heart and buy stuff that has no dye lot. But this grey does. So I bought Wal-Mart out of the grey in the dye lot I needed. Anyway, check back here for frequent updates. And hopefully a pic! And I'm so inspired by Leah's log cabin that I may try that one next. Leah, what do you say to a Log Cabin Along Blog?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Post-Ripple Yarn Ends

I've been trying and trying to get a good shot of my ripple--it's so hard to capture all the colors, but here's a couple of shots:

It's got a really nice, heavy drape, like my grandmother's bedspreads of bygone days. Of course, those were more formal; she crocheted them in ivory thread with a teeny needle, and they had such stately presence on the beds. I think of the ripple as a more casual, modern version of my Bubbe's fancy 'ghans.

Now, the ripple ends. What to do? There is a treasure trove of beautiful leftover thread. I'd been working on a granny 'ghan, which was coming along nicely, but I began to realize how little I wanted to piece it together at the end. Then, looking through "Mason-Dixon Knitting," I noticed the gorgeous knit log cabin blankets. I decided to try one in crochet with leftover ripple. Check it out here at my blog. It is SO much fun!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Feed the newbie

Hi all. I just wanted to make a quick introduction. I found this site while looking for a picture of a ripple afghan to post to my blog. No, I didn't steal anyone's work. I didn't think it was right when I found all of you.

I'm currently working on a black and grey ripple for my hubby. He loves it, but boy am I ready to move on to something with some more color! I'd post a pic, but my camera is currently on the fritz. I'm going to try and borrow one from someone. He'd like me to make the edges straight by somehow creating triangles of stitching to put in the valleys of the ripple. Anyone got any advice on this or any pictures they can lead me to?

Thanks for letting me join in. I look forward to hearing from anyone with advice!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Apropos of Something!

Dig the word verification I got whilst commenting on someone else's blog:

I tried not to take it personally... what with me being a crocheter and all:)

Just thought I'd poke my head in here and say, "howdy," and that I haven't forgotten about my ripple 'ghan I started in varying colors of Lion Suede chenille. I'm now finishing up some scarves for the Red Scarf Project, and am also working on some holiday projects, so once I get those under control, I'll be picking up my 'ghan once ... "a-ghain."

By the way... does anyone in here know about Turkish Crochet aka "Oya?" (No, *not* Tunisian... Turkish!) If so, please check out my blog, as I have a post about my curiosity about it. I want to learn about it--and I'm hoping someone in this group might know some tidbit to point me in the right direction!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cosy ripple blanket

I finally finished my ripple blanket this past weekend, it's perfect for my 2 seat sofa, especially when I'm curled up underneath it. I've enjoyed making it, even if it took a long time.

Friday, October 5, 2007

wip...almost done

It's been a while. But, I frogged an 3/4 complete blanket & I'm almost done again. Less than 20 rows (10 colors) .

(sorry for the bad pic)

I'm ready to be done.

Monday, October 1, 2007

chevron hat

Hey, look what I just found! This is a pattern for a knitted chevron hat, it looks really cool! Check it out here.

I seem to be really good at finding more patterns to make, but not so good at finishing my almost done ripple cotton blankie! Soon, my lovelies, soon.... :D