Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pink Ripple Up-Date

Here's the progress on the pink baby ripple. I haven't worked on it for awhile because of swap fun and house fun, but I'm going to get back to it... I think it's probably about 2/3 of the way finished, plus I'm going to do a sc border around the edges in the hot pink... Getting closer :)

Blue ripple bag building up

First progress report on my blue ripple bag.


The sides are done. This is the main piece of the bag... the masterpiece shall I say? since it has the ripples, in an imitation of the "soft waves" pattern I love on your blankets. There are still 12 stripes to go ! plus the handle, plus the assembling... I'm not quite done yet!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Blanket Mania Part 1: Ripples

My favorite thing to make, whether knit or crochet, is blankets. Lately, though, my love of blankets has reached a level of mania right under my mania of Harry Potter. Unfortunately, living in Arizona makes blanket-making an uncomfortable venture, but it doesn't seem to stop me from making blanket after blanket. I always have an afghan in progress, whatever else I may be working on. I like all kinds of blankets, all sizes, all colors, all patterns.

So as the first installment, I will discuss the Ripple. I have made other ripples before, as published on this post. I have also mentioned that the Ripple was one of my grandma's favorite things to crochet and has now become one of my favorites.

Using Jan Eaton's book 200 Ripple Stitches--the epitome of Ripple sources, in essence, the Rippler's Bible--I made an lapghan a couple of weeks ago that is now one of my all-time favorite blankets.
I used the Pink Ripple pattern and added a wavy edging all the way around. I never thought of the Ripple as being a edging sort of blanket, but this edging turned out to be perfect for the blanket. In fact, I'm not sure it would be my favorite if not for the edging.
The Pink Ripple pattern gives the afghan a nice, airy feeling. I can sleep with this afghan on my bed during the summertime without getting overheated.
I used a size K crochet hook for this ripple, which seems to be my favorite hook size for ripples lately. I like how fast the blankets make up when I use a larger hook.
I am also working on a ripple in a variegated yarn to donate to Project Linus. I didn't want to have to use another color, so I altered the Soft Waves pattern to give it texture. I crochet in the back loops only of each row to give it depth without altering the pattern significantly. It makes the rows stand out without taking away from the color of the yarn. For this blanket I am using a size I crochet hook, so a few smaller from my normal Ripple hook size. The yarn is so soft and lightweight that I can still stand to have it on my lap during the summer.

More blankets to come on my blog here.

Back to crocheting!

Smoking on these ripples

Rippling along, faster than the speed of -er-, whatever. I guess I am trying to say that I am ahead of schedule. I finished the June/July afghan. Here it is in all its eggplant and multi glory.

knitted afghan - feather and fan

Here is another view, I don't know if the first or this one is a better representation of the color. Purple is sure one hard color to get right on a photo and on a screen:

knitted afghan - feather and fan

Not being content to just wait out the last days of the month without a project going, I decided to start on the August afghan.

storm clouds from the book, 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns

This one is another from the 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns book. A straight granny stitch type called Storm Clouds. I just happened to pick storm cloud colors too. Black, grey heather and a beige with black, grey and brown flecks. So far everyone agrees that it is masculine looking. I am already about 1/3 done after only about 3 days, or is it 4? Anyway, this one is definitely fast, and I think I can safely say that I will be able to finish it in a month. I am making this one narrow, only 51 inches across. I will probably do 12-14 repeats, so it will be 60 inches long at least.

Susan (aka ZenKnit)

...and now, a word from our sponsor.

I'm back!

I bet you all thought I fell off the planet.

In actuality I fell hopelessly into summer's thrall. All 3 kiddos home all the time and I have about 3 seconds of computer time daily. Just enough to keep up with invites, scan the comments and new posts and pop onto Ravelry if I'm lucky.

As you can tell, that means the promised blog improvements have been sorely neglected.

I have some exciting news though.

We have a new Ripple Mistress of Magic. Welcome Megan to the NEIS Ripple-Along admin team! She'll be helping with page design, link upkeep, and other general handy type things. If you have links for ripple patterns, online crochet tutorials, or yourself, pop her an email at: cheersmurf (AT) gmail (DOT) com. (y'all know you have to replace the AT with "@" and the DOT with ".", right?) We're hoping to get the NEIS Ripplers page up and running soon, so we can actually check out everyone's sites and other good works. Particularly if you are not keeping a Blogger based blog, pop Megan a note letting us know where we can find you.

As to my ripple progress...the blankets are hopelessly stalled. Even with AC, they are much, much too warm to be getting on with, or lug around. However, have been working on a new ripple for

and it's turning out just grand:

The pattern has to be posted first to the SOS-along, but will share it when I can. More pictures soon too.

...and just why does my ripple need to be portable?

It's likely the last summer my parents will have a pool, so we're taking advantage every chance we get. Big ripples, not synonymous with poolside fun. Ripple socks, on the other hand, poolside perfection.

Have fun, stay cool, and keep those ripples coming!

Your loving HRM, Dawn

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Month 5 (Zoiks)

Ripple, Month 5
Originally uploaded by kpwerker.
It's so much fun to see everyone's finished ripples and to dream of the day -- no doubt months from now -- when I'll show mine!

Here we are as of this morning, solidly in the fifth month of progress (read: I've barely touched it in weeks). I figure I'm just over halfway done.

Friday, July 27, 2007

La Souris Scarf

Huzzah! I finally finished the scarf I started last month (my first ripple in 10 years!). I just sent it out to my scarf swap partner today. Hope she likes it!

La Souris Scarf

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


My BF and I went to a GIGANTIC car show this past weekend. There were over 20,000 people there, all of them VW and Audi enthusiasts. On Sunday, we parked in the exhibition area, where people can show off their cars for an extra $10 and get to park a bit closer to all the action. This is what I found two cars down from where we parked. A big happy brown ripple. I got all excited and just had to have a picture. Hurrah!

haven't posted in while

i started a soft waves ripple for my son awhile ago. i swear i have crochet ADD. i start and dont finsh thi ngs. i started making tons of other things for everyone else. figured my 6yr wont care. so now i'm back w/new ripple. this one i will finish. its for my moms friends baby. i'm using this patternCoats & Clark - Fun & Free - Ripple Romance Afghani'm a bit more into it now, but haven't taken pix yet. i'm using lionbrand pound of love in white and yellow. they dont know sex of baby so made it a bit harder for color choices. and i believe i'm using k hook.

yellow isn't that bright in RL. dunno why it looks like that

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Creamy ripples

I posted a good while back about my fear of color after frogging two colorful attempts that were not to my liking. This is my current ripple afghan that's about halfway done. I haven't posted a photo of it earlier as it will look about the same from beginning to end as it's all in one color. This is made in Caron's Simply Soft in what they call "off white" but actually looks like a soft yellow. It's Gary's Ripple pattern from the 200 Ripple book and using a Size F hook.

creamy ripples

I have a little ADHD and my afghan photo shoot suddenly turned to a Saffy (my manx cat) photo shoot. Had to share her pretty profile with you.

great profile

After all, she IS my crochet buddy. =)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

stashbusting ripple

This ripples almost done, and I will probably have some homespun left. Oh well, guess some lucky people will be getting ripple scarves for xmas!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Coming along nicely

Through a constant and diligent effort (HA!), the back of my ripple vest is almost done. I look forward to making the front and then get the two pieces together. I do believe that it will be done in time for the cool weather here in SoCal. Believe is the operative word...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Treading Water

I'm just treading water, slowly making progress on my ripple afghan. I really wish I could crochet faster- each color (two rows, about 1") takes me about an hour and a half. My goal this weekend was to get past the halfway point- but I didn't quite make it. This blanket is 67 1/2" (171.5cm) wide, so I want it to be at least 70" (177.8cm) long. That is 70 color repeats, and so far I'm at 30. I'm still really enjoying this project- I've gone back and seen pictures from the start and I really have made quite a bit of progress. It's starting to get heavy, too- so far it weighs just over 2 pounds!

The End.

Alas, i have decided to frog my blanket. I never did feel very good about the way it was developing, and now that I am working on three other blankets, I just don't want an ugly one in the mix. It's also so very huge, and it will take forever to finish this blanket that I don't even like.

Perhaps one day I will pick this blanket style up again, but for now it's off to work on Babette for bestfriend's Sept. birthday, Granny Ghan for my bedroom, and some other blanket for my french cousin's 1 year wedding anniversary - any suggestions for that one, by the way? Maybe i'll do a ripple for her? She likes the "heat colours". Loose translation ;)

So, RIP rip ripple.

Ripple blanket: nine stripes

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yah, I'm still here...;)

Hi all. I am still here, and still working on my ripple. Doesn't look like I've done too much, but I did take a break for a couple weeks with our weather in the humid 90s. Now it is perfect weather again to sit outdoors with the ripple blanket on your lap, and go to town!

Here's my latest pic, it's a few rows bigger than last time I posted :)

using my pattern, F hook, and Sugar N Cream cottons--loving all the blues....:D

Memories Ripple

After seeing all the lovely ripples on here (especially the big ones!), I have decided I would like to make a ripple large enough to cover my bed. But not just any ripple. I want a lacy one, made with yarn left over from projects I made for friends and family. A "memory" ripple, if you will.

So I went to Michaels and bought some acrylic in white, black, and lavendar to get started (I figure it's for me, so I can cheap out on yarn if I want). I am going to do stripes in scrap yarn, but a ripple large enough to cover my bed is likely going to use several colors of scrap before I'm done with it. The new colors are so I can work stripes between the scrap colors that will hopefully bring the whole ripple together, as well as tie it in with the color scheme of my bedroom.

I began the ripple with the new colors last night:

Memories Ripple 1

The next stripe will be one of my scrap colors, just as soon as I figure out which one I want to use first!

Crochet Weather

Wow! This afternoon is perfect "crochet weather". Rain and thunderstorms. It's also good to bring the temperature down here in Florida. I'm hoping to get a lot done on my Baby's Ripple afghan. Besides, I love thunderstorms, in moderation. And only if I'm inside!

I used to do child care in my home, from babies (6 weeks old) to 3 year olds. Whenever it stormed, I would tell them that the clouds were bumping heads, and that God was washing the trees, flowers, etc. It always worked. ;P Anyway, I'm off to do some crocheting.

Happy crocheting to one and all!

Yarn Haven

My ripple is growing

Here's another pic of my ripple in progress. It's getting rather loud, isn't it? When I started it I decided to make it scrappy with just yarns I have, even though I had plenty of other colors to choose from. After the first few colors I decided not to put any greens or basic colors in it and here's what I got. It will be hard to nap under, the colors might keep me awake. Over the years I've learned that many colors compliment each other no matter how ugly or wild they are. I've been making charm quilts, which are very scrappy, but the colors always work together. I have some posted at my site-Fabric and Yarn Stasher-if you'd like to see what I mean. I am having so much fun with this ripple and I already have the urge to start another. This time new pattern and coordinated colors like some of the beauties being posted. I have lots of quilts in progress, now I need lots of ripples in progress, too.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fuji Mama's Ripple Report

I just realized that I never posted pictures of a ripple babyghan that I finally finished for my friend's baby shower! So here we go:Project: Ripple BabyghanPattern: http://web.archive.org/web/20060527210309/www.coatsandclark.com/fun_and_free/knit_out_2003/lw1238.htm
Yarn: 5 skeins Bernat's Softee Chunky in Natural
Hook size: K
Comments: This was my first ripple project and now I finally understand why it is so addicting. It's addicting because it just is! Part of it for me was the rhythm that I could get into as I was working across a row. It was very soothing--a kind of yarn yoga. I am already planning my next ripple project . . .

Fuji Mama

Monday, July 9, 2007

Girlie Ripple

The girly ripple... it's growing... pink stripe after pink stripe... and I LOVE IT!!!

There's a few more pics and specs on my blog :)

Ripples Take Me Away!

For some reason I was in a crochet mood this weekend, rather than working on Mystery Stole, I devoted myself to rippling - it was fun!
More pics and info can be found on my blog - I'm using Rowan Pure Wool DK with a 4mm hook.

Also, all my previous posts can be found under my label, Keri if you're interested in seeing my progress.

Happy Rippling!


Half way there!

So, I have used about a gazillion balls of yarn, and still have an enormous stack to get through, but I am officially half way there!

I have blogged in more detail here.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Me too! Me too!

I'm joining in on the fun. I can't remember how I found this blog but I do remember I was immediately drooling over all the lovely rippliciousness!

For some inexplicable reason I caught the ripple bug last year. Must have seen a particularly pretty one and I was hooked (ahem). I didn't start one straight away, I just began complusively collecting ripple patterns in anticipation.

Then my dad decided to send me all my mom's stash (she died a few years back) - boxes and boxes of the stuff! It's still coming. Mostly odd balls of this and that but I did find enough Roly-Sport (lovely squishie stuff) in different colours to finally make my very own ripple afghan. I started it on New Year's Day - haven't progressed very far because I'm also using Mom's yarn to make scarves and hats for all the family and I'd like to get them all done this year.

The picture shows one complete repeat. It's a simple 5 up, 5 down, 5 at the points, worked in the back loop ripple. And I love it.

Finished: 1st Ripple
Here it is in all its rippliness! College Dude's ripple blanket is finished!

Details: Pattern: Soft Waves from 200 Ripple Patterns by Jan Eaton (#19, I think)

Yarn: 17 balls of Cascade 220 superwash in various colors. Each color was used three times in 3 rows of dc

Hook: Size H

Finished size 55" x 75"

With this yarn and hook size I started with 195 chains, but probably could have gone a bit wider. The photo at left shows the blanket spread out on my full bed, so it should hang down a bit on each side of CD's twin at school. The length is perfect for him. I am very, very pleased with the results, and I think he is too. While I have enjoyed working on it immensely, I am taking a week break from The Girlfriend ripple to focus on socks.......and lace.

First Post

Hi guys! I'm so excited about my first post! I've been admiring everyone's work for sooo long and can't wait to join in the fun!

I have a few ripples in the works, but I'll post about this one first. My hubby's coworker is having a little girl in November, which means... Yeah! I get to make a PINK ripple blankie! I love pink, but all my friends and family that have had little ones lately have had adorable boys, so I'm totally excited to get to use girlie colors for once :) Here's the progress with just over 2 color repeats done...

I'm using Caron Simply Soft in Watermelon, Soft Pink and White. The pattern is from Jan Eaton's 200 Ripple Stitches, #16 "Pink Ripple". I think I like it :)

Friday, July 6, 2007

Finished Great Grandbaby's Baby-ghan

I wasn't expecting my first great grand baby to be born until July. The little guy came two weeks early and I was furiously rippling up until Monday night, July 1st.
I got it mailed and now I'm suddenly at a loss with my time at night...in front of the TV, that is. (Actually, not for long, I've decided on my next colors, but not the style).
The blanket turned out to be 48"X48". Very soft. Since it has been a while since I started it, I used a G hook on LionBrand Yarn-Baby Soft. I decided not to edge it after all. I liked the scalloped edges the way they were. It washed up nicely. I really enjoyed working on it.

Gentle Waves round afghan

I have been working on this round afghan for the last month. Along with 2 baby afghans I have finished. I have 2 colors left and 8 rows to do. Takes forever to do a row now. I really wish I would be done already. I found this pattern at Mik knits & crochets, Too! Thanks. It was a fun pattern to do. Didn't measure it but it is on a queen bed.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I went through my mum's old stash of yarn (the last time I saw her knitting was 15 years ago...), and came accross many odd balls of blue yarn. I've been longing on your gorgeous ripples for some time now, so the idea came quickly : I'm gonna make a blue ripple !!!
The yarn being medium and the left-over balls rather small I decided to go for a small project. It's also a convenient way of testing my "rippling skills" before I get on the bigger afgan project I'm deaming of...

So... a blue ripple handbag it will be !
First rows coming soon...

Hello Ripplers! This is my first post and my first finished ripple. I started it for myself but my mom got a lok at it and claimed it, oh well! Used the Caron Simply Soft colors. I have another in the works using lion suade, will post progress pics from it soon!
I really enjoy looking at everyone elses projects too!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Baby Round Ripple Afghan

I just received my invitation for this group a few days ago, and I'm so happy to be here! I am so impressed at the beautiful ripples that I see here.

It just so happens that I have been working on the Baby's Round Ripple Afghan for my niece-to-be, Esther. I'm probably about 2/3 way to being finished with it. I did change it just a little bit...I changed the skip 2 sts to skip 1 st, just my personal preference. And I'm adding a few random rows of pink, wherever I think they will look best. When it is all done, I will edge it with a row or two of the off white, and then add little ribbons to the points. I found the pattern from this site: http://tinyurl.com/2fuvas

I still have 3 more babies in our extended families who will need new blankies. So I think I will be rippling along for a while.
Happy rippling to everyone :D
Jo Watts

Been Rippling alot

I've been doing alot of rippling. I'm still working on 2 blankets. I ran out of yarn for one and just had to start another.

Here's the white one that I am making for my daughter. It has gotten a little too narrow, so I need to try to add to the sides.

This one is for the hubby and is going well.

This was a baby gift. I added a lining to the back. Talk about a pain....

This is a shirt that I knitted and added a ripple border to the bottom.

Every ones work looks awesome!!!