Friday, May 11, 2007


Finally done. Unfortunately, I had to use the flash so the picture isn't that great. Maybe I'll get one in daylight before it gets wrapped up and given to my Mom on Sunday. I have to say, I'm glad to be done with it, because I already have more ideas in my head for prettier colored yarn. Anyways, goodnight!

Temporarily Done...

Well, thanks to the 80 degree heat these past few days, I've temporarily finished my ripple. It's probably a good 10 rows short, but it's a lighter weight than my comforter, and perfect for sleeping under right now. I'll be sure to post pictures some time soon...

It's funny... how typically ripples are stash busters... but mine was a stash creator. I now have a ton of half scains of yarn. Now, do I make a smaller ripple from them? Probably. :D

All Finished!!!!

I'm still amazed that I completed this blanket. I'm a great starter of projects, but finishing... well I often never get to that part. lol

The first picture is my update of what I had done since I last posted. The orange stitch holder marks where I was.

The next picture is of the completed blanket on my sons bed. He loves it! I'm taking a little break from ripples, but I do plan on making Caedmon some ripple pillow shams to match his new blanket. I'll post those on here when I get around to doing it.

There are more picture on My Blog

For those of you doing soft waves...

I managed to get my hands on a copy of the 200 ripple stich book by Jan Eaton at our local library and copied down the soft waves pattern along with some others. I bought the yarn and got started a couple of nights ago and have been having trouble ever since...

I think I missed a line in the pattern for Row 1 at some point because things aren't lining up right when I get to row 2. AND... the book is now checked out to someone else. I'm hoping that one of you can help fill in what I missed. I'll try to write this in a way that isnt giving away any copyrighted information and hopefully it will be enough to answer my question...

As I have it, in Row 1 you work the dcs, then work the top of the ripple, then the dcs again, then repeat. It doesn't share any information about the [dc tog] for the trough. My thinking is that I left out the part that says to work the trough first. My pattern for Row 2 seems to be correct... starts with the dc, then says to work the trough, dc, then work the top of the wave, and repeat. If I just follow the pattern for Row 2 as if it were Row 1 (and keep repeating the same pattern) will it work?

If you need to you can email me at
Thanks for the help in advance!!!