Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Learning to Ripple

My stack of Lamb's Pride Worsted awaits myrippling. I am using it now for some other things that have inspired me, too, while I get better at crocheting. Have been INTENSELY inspired by Mason Dixon book
to begin a log cabin square, which I am working on and will post on my blog soon.
In the meantime, I am practicing learning to crochet-just doing lots of chain stitches and single crochets to try to get my wonky left had to hold the yarn correctly while I crochet with my right. For some reason (maybe because I am learning at a late age, it is hard for me to manipulate the yarn and get the tension, etc correct.
So I have Jan Eaton's Ripple book, and hope to begin soon! I love this blog and check it daily and am so inpsired by all the ripplers I see!

A mini ripple finished

I finished up a mini ripple blanket for the shop last week sometime. Its really a perfect size for car seat, stroller and as a woobie to drag around. Big enough to cover but not so big most of it ends up in the puddles.I also did a single crochet around the edge, matching the stripe pattern.Specs-
Yarn: Cascade Cherub Aran, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red
Pattern: 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns, "Smartie" pattern.
Hook: H
Finished size: 24" x 30"

Next up I started a ripple in knit to match "Smartie". Pics coming to a blog near you soon....

Bad pun alert

So I've done the second row of the bluey-green colour and am ready for the solid green. Long weekend coming up and there'll be lots of progress to photograph and post next week. Yippee.

But this post is to report a recent realisation. It occurred to me last night that this project is a terrible killer of time and therefore my blanket has a new name. Ready? It's Jack the Rippler.

Sorry, just had to do it. Jack made me.


Happy Rippley Wednesday!

I set my blanket aside on my desk and got this squiggle of color.

I am now about this far through second row of green. Then I will have, um, gray? and then a pale, pale, pink and then maybe a dark green. These wools are so interesting. The brown is Cascade 220, very soft and polished, the white and pink are fairly coarse and harsh, the white a little less so becuase I washed it. Now this green is some wool from the middle east that I bought on eBay and it has three plys, but they are not twisted together. I could separate it into a very fine yarn if I wanted. It has a glossy texture and is very nice to work with. I'll try for a close up next photo session. :-)

Ripplin' Machine...

I crocheted 6 stripes yesterday. Thats roughly 6 hours of work. When I posted yesterday morning, I'd already added yellow and red and was starting the gray. Then I added the green, multi and bright blue. I love the last two together.

Today starts the chocolate chip ice cream yarn. Its a beautiful creamy tan with flecks of different browns in it. Subtle, yet lovely.

My ghan now measures 17.5". I'm absolutely addicted to this thing.

Yesterday was such a great day for me. It's been kind of dark and rainy for the last few days (hence the dark muddy pics), but yesterday was productive. In addition to doing 6 stripes, I also had a riding lesson where I jumped my first course of 5 jumps! *does a little dance*

Well, I'm off to start todays rippley goodness.


Ripples in Autumn Prairie Colors

I have been meaning to make a post to introduce myself for awhile and haven't had a chance until now.
I first saw this craft-along on my friend Teabird's blog and I knew it would be a lot of fun.
last week the '200 Ripple Stitch Patterns' book found its way into my mail box.
I wanted to knit the feather fan scarf that is on page 83 or a shawl of dimple waves but I am still a little fearful of lace just yet so I dusted off my crochet hook and
I have been having a lot of fun taking apart an old UFO chevron afghan I started many years ago that had some very bad uneven edges and lots of errors in it.

This simple wave pattern is so addicting and mesmerizing.
It is like a few moments of meditation each day as I crochet a few rows.
All the leftover wool yarn from my stash are colors that remind me of the tall grass prairie in the autumn time near our home in central Illinois.

This is one of our family members.
His name is Little Joe Zander; also know as the random yarn color generator.