Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well, howdy!

My name is Deb. I post mainly on my homemaking blog, Try-Hard Homemaker, but I am just about tickled purple to have been invited (invited myself ;) ) to participate here! I am a knitter from way back, converted to a quilter, and now, well dang it, I'm addicted to crochet. Okay, I admit it, I am a hardcore craft addict. :D

This is my first crochet effort. I have dabbled a little, here and there, but this will be the first time I have actually *crocheted something*. It is going swimmingly, but I attribute that mainly to a high level of general craft literacy.

Am I the only person here who is using yarn purchased from their local grocery store? :D Honestly, I have four small children; I'd probably have to sell one of them to be able to buy the yarns that some of you are using! My yarn is a *lovely*, cheap, acrylic 8-ply...I cut the grocery budget short to be able to buy it (just kidding...). But, it works.

Here is my afghan-in-progress. :D

My weekly update-

I didn't get that much done this week, only about 10 more rows. I tried to take a better picture though, this is outside on my deck and I think the colors are much more accurate.

Baby Ripple

Hi Everyone! I like you-all was so inspired by Jane's and Alicia's original ripples! I am so enjoying seeing everyone's different colors and stitches here!

I've been having this knitting tangent, very frustrating, something about crochet is just more "me". So what a wonderful way to "come back". :-)

I had these yarns leftover from other baby blanket projects, and one my daughter picked out. They are LB Pound of Love in white, TLC Essentials in bambi (pastels), and a RH 'something' in the lavender & pink shades.

Being a not-very-random kinda gal, I chose to alternate the colors in an A B A C pattern, which will work well with the amounts of each yarn I have too.

I have two other batches of yarn that have been "nagging" me that will work perfectly for larger blankets. One of Woolease in neutrals/classic colors, and another of eBay wools in some rather pretty colors that I think look beautiful together. Now I just need to figure out if there is enought there for a twin and a queen size blanket.

I am so excited!

I am so excited to be a part of this ripple-along! i love to ripple and have a couple of FO already to show you all! These two baby blankets i made when my best friend was pregnant. she decided not to find out the sex so i made one of each, one for a boy and one for a girl! she ended up having a boy so the blue one went to her! i still have the pink looks like an ice cream sundae! The original pattern is from the Candy Blankets book by Candi Jensen. i am currently working on another one in blues, greens, and purples and will post pictures soon! thanks for letting me ripple along with you all!

I'm In...Here is my Ripple

Thank you so much Dawn for the invite! I needed this boost to get my hooks out. I have been crocheting since I was 7 yrs old - many years ago - and knitting for the past 9 years . So it was time to remember what I loved so much about crocheting (it is so much faster)!

Here is my afghan from the wavy lapghan link someone posted on this blog.
I had tons of Red Heart yarn in the basement in boxes - so this is what I pulled out. My dad is Cherokee Indian and Portugese so I thought he would appreciate this:

Take a look:
It is on the narrow side - with chain of 110 - but I will add rows of single crochet around the edge when I am done of all the colors - to make it wider.
I already have the makings of a second in my plans - different shades of blue with brown - and twice as wide.

A question for you all

I know ALOT of you have the 200 Ripple stitches pattern book and I was wondering... are they split for the crochet and knit patterns? Or are there more from one than the other? I just started knitting and I'm not to the point of doing ripples on the sticks. And I seem to have the problem with buying a book that has patterns or stitches for both.. and it being mostly knit ones. I'd hate to spend the $20-some for the book and it be mostly knit patterns. No where I've looked says much about this in the book.. so I thought I'd ask you all.

Thanks in Advance

My son's Ribby Ripple

Hi all, this is my first post but I have been lurking and commenting for a while. My name is Lisa and I am brand new to crochet. I started about a month ago. In addition to crocheting, I quilt, sew, knit and whatever else I feel inspired to do. I have a blog that you can visit to see my other "stuff" ( Bird Brain). Without further ado here are the colors my son picked out for his ripple blanket.

Here is my ripple so far. I am doing the "Ribby" pattern (#106) from Jan Eaton's, 200 Ripple stitch patterns. I really enjoy looking at the wonderful creations here.

Oh, if someone could give me some direction as to how to add the Ripple button to my blog I would be very appreciative. I tried for an hour last night and couldn't do it. I have that Junior High feeling that everyone else can do this except me LOL ;)

Finally, some decent light

I haven't been able to post an update lately because all the good natural light leaves the house before I come home from work! I finally got some decent pictures last evening. This one looks like an Easter egg!

I'm 23 stripes in, and I'm guessing it's about half as long as I want it to be, although I haven't yet laid it out on the bed.

Also, I cheated a little bit, as 4 of the last 5 colors I bought in the last week. One day I was upset, so instead of doing something unhealthy, like drinking, I went out and bought yarn. Maybe not so healthy for the checkbook, but much better for me. Then a lot of really nice yarn came up on cheapcycle for $25, complete with a cute basket, so I bought it as well. The last color came from that purchase. It's yellow, orange, pink, and blue variegated, and it reminds me of sherbert.

Just for fun, here's another angle:

I'm loving seeing everyone else's photos, and amazed that the group has grown so large, so fast!

It's been a long, hard week...

Working at a yarn shop is fun, but it isn't always easy. When I think I'll have room enough to comfortably work on my afghan on the train, I'll take it, but that was only a couple days this week. Any more time I spent on it was once I'd settled down for the night, and that wasn't much. This week has been very busy at the shop, so I'm just exhausted by the time I get home. But after a total of eight days, I've managed to get in 15 stripes.

I didn't mention before that I'm using the soft waves pattern, but I also wanted a "waves on waves" effect, so for the first row of each new color I'm working in the back loop only. It gives it a great extra textural effect. You can see it a little in the pic. I'm enjoying working on this so much. I love the colors, and funnily, it seems to match whatever I'm wearing at the time! More on my blog.