Monday, April 30, 2007

the story of the ugly ripple

I was sorting out my workroom,
the yarn tote runneth over,
everyone was rippling,
although I swore "not sober"...

So, long story short, I'm making a really ugly ripple blanket with my really ugly leftover yarn. Hopefully it'll keep someone who doesn't care about aesthetics warm this coming winter.

I started with the nicest colors,

but don't have enough, so I had to add in one of the uglier colors,

but there were some that I absolutely could not bring myself to incorporate.

Stay tuned for more...

Can't choose

Hi folks,

I learned to crochet a couple of weeks ago and yes, it's addictive.

I'm working on a blanket for myself which is more stripes than ripples:

And then there's the ripple blanket which is a gift for a friend. I'm on the third (and final!) version after having made it too small, twice. The first version (aka 'the scarf') is being ripped and I'll finish the second one for myself if I've got enough yarn left after the gift one is done.

The Resistance is Futile Ripple is finished.

It's all done. I've tested it on my children's bunk beds and it fits just fine. This one is for my son and I've already started one for my daughter. So I've gone from not wanting to do any ripples at all to having one finished and another on the way. It's like a metaphor for having children really.

No End In Sight, no how

our business picks up in the spring and summer, so I won't have much crochet time (waah!) but here is what I have so far, and I will have more sometime, I'm sure . . .


Hey I'm sorry I didn't respond to your comment earlier... I forget to check back on here for comments. I'm used to LJ emailing them to me...

If your still having problems with the Granny Chevron, email me at and I'd be happy to help you out. I tried to find an email address for you on your profile but didn't see one... so I will just go this route! I had alot of problems with the pattern to start with.. but it just took me sitting down and reading it SEVERAL times to get it.

Granny Chevron progress

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Here is the latest picture of my ripple. All the colors are in now.. and I am starting to do the second set of colors. It is all still random except for my small rule, the colors in the 2nd repeat can not touch the same colors from the first. So like on the first repeat of colors, the yellow is next to the dark purple and rubine red... so on the 2nd repeat... the yellow can't touch either of those colors. Then the 3rd repeat can't touch any of the same colors as the 2nd set. And so on. That way the colors look a bit different on each section.

wavin' around

quick, quick, quick before i turn into dinner-making, end of day tantrum diffusing wonder mama!

i made a promise earlier, soooooooooo here's the round ripple i'm fudging along in a wave based on the wavey chevron in Donna Kooler's. again, working with "fantasy naturale" mercerized cotton. it's a bit more than worsted weight, less than bulky. using an "i" hook. the blues are not quite solids. some nice tones and great sheen you can't see here. loverly and light for cotton.

...and just look, it's not rumpled!

Need help lol

I am trying to reteach my self to crochet, so I can make these blankets. I am having a hard time lol. Are there any good resources that you guys can direct me to? I am making soft waves, on page 19 and storm clouds on page 47. Well I should say, I WANT to crochet these. I don't want to knit them....hmmm, lol


End In Sight!

i was late to work this morning because i had 2 more rows to go. 2 more rows that took what seemed to be FOREVER! the blanket is considerably smaller than i had planned it to be, more square then rectangular, mostly because i didn't have enough yarn. when i noticed that i wasn't getting the yardage that i had hoped, i weighed several skeins and realized that i was getting 15-20% less yarn by weight than indicated on the skein band. something to remember if i ever buy from this supplier again.

anyway, i'm done. pictures will follow.

Really, There's No End In Sight

Originally uploaded by kpwerker.
My, it's been about forever and a day since I've posted here. And about as long since I've worked on my ripple. But that doesn't mean I don't still love it! I've added several stripes since I last posted; I'm at a point in the blanket where it's no fun to show off an update every few rows, though. So I guess I'll just challenge myself to take fun photos every so often. I just got a new camera I'm already addicted to, so that shouldn't be too hard.

I'm having a blast watching everyone's progress!

Reworking the blog

Hey all!

Now that I have a few projects off my plate, I'm thinking about taking a few minutes to rework the blog a bit. The sidebar is getting a bit unwieldy now that we have almost 175 ripplers. Here's what I'm thinking:

Make the members list it's own seperate page. I'd make a single post that links to everyone's profile and update it as we go. Since many of you don't have your main blog on Blogger, I would be happy to link to them as well if you get me the info. Then there would be one little section in the sidebar labeled "click here for the ripplers" or some such, and it would take you to a list on another page.

We need to clean up the labels. Labels are the things that basically let you sort through all of the blog posts by category. When you write a post, at the bottom right corner of the box, there is a blank for labels...put your tag in here and we can track the progress of your project by clicking on it as all of the posts you have written will come up. You could find all of my posts by clicking on the label that is my name. We're kind of awash, but I'm thinking for the purposes of this blog, limiting it to individuals and type of ripple might help?

I'll be adding a link section to online patterns. There's a label for posts with pattern links, but it seems pretty confusing to most. I'll break it out, perhaps with it's own page like the rippler list.

Old posts will be cached daily. We're a tad too prolific to keep it monthly...

Anything else you think would be helpful? You just let me know.

(pics of my blankets in a bit...have a soft waves round ripple working up quite nicely. takes a bit of fudging on the decreases, but i'm quite happy with it.)

ripple me too...................

Hello All...............after several starts..i think i finally have it............ I

can't watch The Soprano's while rippling i found out....I'm using up odds and ends of yarns with slightly different weights...Cascade to some Red heart & many many unknowns ............So far so good.....Great inspiration & tips from others newbie which i appreciate so much....but best of all............Its so much fun !Thanks Sydney

Why are they so hard to photograph? LOL

Please don't look under the chair!!! LOL

I took several photos of my afghan, trying to get the colors and the "feel" of it in picture form, but D A N G !! I just couldn't quite capture it. waaaaaaaaaah! That's okay, though...wouldn't want you all to be too jealous, anyway. ;) heehee

My collection of yarns has slowly been evolving, or devolving, depending on how you look at it. I have added several colors that I have either seen somewhere and liked, or have dyed myself. I am trying to keep a good stock of my favorites, my staples, being a grassy green, a lighter shade of that same green, a lavender, and that one variegated yarn that keeps showing up. I am hoping that by using those regularly throughout the afghan, plus adding in the other various colors as my heart desires, I will end up with an exciting, yet not all-over-the-place color scheme.

I did say I am hoping. LOL