Saturday, March 14, 2009

New round ripple for Leah

I started this ripple last week for my friend, Leah, who is fighting breast cancer. She is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. My other friend, Steph, and I accompanied Leah to her last chemo session and we brought along our knitting and crocheting projects. I was able to get one hat done for her while we were there (almost 2 but had to rip it out ARGH!) and noticed how cold she got. The cancer center gives everyone a blanket to bring to their chemo treatments but since the hat and scarf set I made for her was in Steelers colors, I decided to make her this afghan to match. While I was crocheting away on that hat, the nurses told Leah to ask if I'd be interested in donating to their "hat tree" and, of course, I agreed. Their hat tree stands in a hall and it's a where people pin hats they've made and the hats are free to anyone who wishes to take one. While it's warming up here in Las Vegas, Leah tells me her head still gets really cold, especially at night, so I'll be sure to bring one or more every week when I'm there with her.

Ripple Cardie

There I was, working away on my Chevron Lace Cardigan when it (finally!) occurred to me that I was, in fact, crocheting a ripple.
Chevron Lace Cardigan, pre-sleeves

If you like the look of this pattern, it's free (see link above) and there's a crochet-a-long going on over at Ravelry. It's been running a while now but a couple of people have just started, so you wouldn't be the only new kid on the block.

I've got one and a bit sleeves to go, a wash, a block and then find a nice pin to fasten it with. Can't wait to wear it! Just please don't ask how my ripple afghan is coming along. ;-)