Monday, March 5, 2007

Not So Enamored Of The Navy...

I've come to an abrupt stop - just long enough to snap a pic and then undo the last two rows. The blue is a little too close to black, I think. It's not the color - it's the value (?) of the shade. If you scrinch your eyes up, the other colors are all at the same level of intensity, but the dark blue stands out too much, even for this experiment in combining cool and warm tones. Stay tuned...

I am really enjoying seeing everyone else's color and stitch choices!

Happy rippling!

Stasia of

Newcomer here

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I'm so excited to be part of this ripple along.
I decided to do another round ripple afghan to replace one I finished last year but gave to my MIL because she wanted it so much. I made it in my son's high school colors and made the mistake of taking it to a football game that my MIL attended.

Because I have also joined a stash busting group I really wanted to make use of this green/blue yarn that I bought for another project but ripped out. It's going pretty fast.

I love seeing everyone's ripples. They're all beautiful!


I couldn't resist...

I had better quality pictures for this post, but I couldn't resist including my cat, who jumped in just as I was focusing the camera. Yes, he wants that hook. Maybe he needs to learn to crochet?
Like others, I'm alternating between loving the blanket, and not being 100% in love with its tone. I was really happy between the first olive and the second olive stripe. Then the random-grabbing-gods bestowed upon me the lemon yellow. I'm not so in love with it, but I'm sure it'll even out/ tone down after a couple more differently colored stripes. I'm so in love with the chevron pattern though.

My Turn; Me Too!

Today my yarn arrived! I am really cheap when it comes to having things shipped, so I have to "be okay" with sometimes sloooooooooow delivery because slow=cheap. Sometimes slow=free, and that is a really good reason to be patient. Anticipation and all that stuff.

Anyway, the yarn for my ripple-along is from 22 different colors of their 100% wool, fingering weight yarn named Palette. Because I am making such a large size, I thought that a fingering weight yarn would be best. I am doing a soft ripples afghan in 23 colors (I already had 2 skeins of one yarn in my stash). Five colors will be used six times, the rest will be used three times each (one little ball will give me 6 rows/3 stripes!). That is a total of 168 rows, 84 2-row stripes. It will be 24 repeats of the pattern, and approximately 72 inches by 84 inches; big enough to cover the top of my queen-sized bed with a little bit of on each side and on the bottom. All for a steal at $51.74... plus another paltry $3.98 for the two skeins I already had but that hardly counts because it is from stash *grin*. Still, a queen-sized afghan for under $60 - whoa!

Here are my colors:

Fingering weight Palette Yarn by

and one sheet of my 3 sheet plan for the stripes/rows:

ZenKnit's ripple afghan plan

I am trying hard not to think about how unwieldly it will become. It will probably be an "at home" project after a certain stage. I guess I will find out. No rush on this one either, but from reading most of the posts here I can see that many of you are really ripping along on yours.

So many beautiful ripple afghans, thanks for the inspiration!

Susan aka ZenKnit

2 weekends of watching Lost episodes will get you this far...

I've been happily rippling along on my ripple blanket, quietly adding blues, blue grays, teals and whatever else I find laying around.
I was quite excited to find the Ripple-along and joined right up.
I'm finding endless enjoyment in seeing how the ripple stitch changes the interplay of colors, in my own blanket and in others'.
Looking at other ripple blankets, however, I realize I'm not decreasing in the same way everyone else seems to be. I'm just skipping 2 stitches in the "valley" of the ripple, as opposed to actually decreasing them. I actually like it, though, the lacey holes it forms!

The blanket is getting to be warm in my lap, so I hope to have it finished before the weather gets too warm. I started it for Project Spectrum, so I would really like to have it done by the end of the month!

all about my sad ripple ripping...

OK, despite mounds of fabulous snow, I did find some time to ripple over the weekend. After starting with my to-die-for Pehuen cotton, I was pulling yarn randomly out of the pile of roughly coordinated blues and tans and browns I salvaged from my stash. And I just really wasn't liking it. Actually I was hating how it clashed with the Pehuen. And worst yet, I was hating it more with each color added. And I REALLY want to l.o.v.e. what I make out of that yarn. It deserves it and so do I.

So, I frogged back almost 20 rows (and yes, at 300 stitches it was PAINFUL). And now I'm here:

...and truly in love with it in a weird 70s retro type way. It reminds me of the Caribbean in an way too. Of course we did just have 24 inches of snow dumped on our heads, so that may be a tad bit of wishful thinking. I can even handle the spikiness. Who knew?

And Kim, this is for you, Moxy loves it too:

A bit of Admin...bear with me!

WOW, what a week!

Seriously, a little over a week ago, Kim and I kicked a few emails back and forth and as a result I claimed this space in the name of happy ripplers everywhere....and now we have OVER 40 crafters rippling along! I've had emails from the Netherlands, Australia, France, and I think Japan. People that have never crocheted are picking up hooks, and best yet, so are some people that haven't hooked in years. How cool is that?!?!?!

My husband is a bit perplexed, but hey, it's all good, and it's not often that something I do makes him giggle so much. He's taken to checking my email for newbies almost as often as I have.

So, with all this rippling and posting, I have made one tiny organizational change. If you scroll down, you'll notice the "labels" heading in the sidebar. When you write a post, at the box you're writing in there is a little space for you to enter a label for it. Humor me and put your name or "tag" there. That way the posts can be sorted according to author. So, if you want to check up on how Kim's ripple has progressed from the start, you can just click her label link and see all of her posts without browsing back through all of them....and we're now officially over 50 posts! YIPPEE!

You can also go back and enter labels for your old posts from the "posting" tab. click the box next to your posts, then at the top of that box, under "label actions" you can choose "new label" and make one for yourself and all of your old posts will be labeled in that one fell swoop.

Is that all confusing? Jot me a note and I'll clarify if I can...blogger tutorial most definitely needed at times.

So, my hearty ripplers, keep up the good rippling fun. It does a body good.

Ripple, ripple, ripple, ripple, ripple, ripple, ripple...

I started my ripple blanket yesterday! I'm using my many random skeins of caron simply soft. The colors are a little odd but I want it to be a very eye-catching blanket. It's a little over 5 feet wide and is currently 7 rows long. Ripple is a lot more addictive than I thought it would be (I was afraid it would just be mind-numbing crochet).

Day 7, With Ugly Doll

Ripple + Ugly Doll: Day 7

Kati's Blanket

This is for our granddaughter, Kati. Her birthday is this summer and I'm hoping to have it finished well before then. She is one of those unusual souls who has no favorite color, but her bedroom is lavender. Her mother did ask her the other day to choose another color for the eventual painting of her room After much deliberation, she chose green. Green — for a 5 year old little girl! I thought the 5 year old standard bearer colors for females were pink and purple! Her blanket will be like an Easter basket — bright eggy colors!

Can someone help me with a finishing question?

I have started another blanket that I hope to auction off to raise money for my hometown that was devestated by the tornado last week. The blanket has thick ripples of the two school colors, dark blue and white. I am considering finishing the blanket so the ripple "edge" on two sides will be straight across. I am still fairly new to crocheting and am not sure how to do this. Does anyone have any ideas? I am unsure of how this will work, especially on the starting side. I hope I was clear in my description. Thanks in advance for any help.

Progress Report

Today is Day 12 of working on the Ripple Blanket. I am close to being done soon. I think that I have 90% of the blanket done. I love crocheting in front of the tv because it covers my lap and legs and keeps me warm.


Hello from the netherlands.

I was very happy when I found out about this blog, and that I was able to join this group of wonderful people.
Thanks Dawn!

I have started my ripple afghan this weekend and I'm using yarn that was in my stash for years and years........I don't want to buy new yarn, just use what I allready had. At this moment I don't know yet if I like those colours together..........but I will just go on and perhaps i will begin to like it along the way Ü.
The photo above is the ripple afghan I'm working on.

Getting started

After having a rummage through my yarn stash I finally settled on quite a dark and rich theme, with cream and lemon added in to lighten it up. I've taken a picture of most of the yarn I'll use but I can't work out where on earth the lemon yarn is (I know I have a bag containing 10 skeins somewhere!) and I've also made up a stripe pattern I like (from the the random stripe generator.)

I've opted to just make a cot sized blanket to start with. I am notorious for starting with great enthusiasm, only to get distracted and disinterested within a short period of time. Hopefully I can get to the end of this project with the extra incentive of posting on this blog.