Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello, everyone!

Hello! I am new around here, but I have been lurking for quite some time. Now that I have been officially made part of the group, I thought I would share my two ripple afghans. The first one is in off-white, medium green, and dark forest green for my 10 year old son to use on his bed. This is a closeup of the edge. It shows the colors a little bit better. This one was made with Susan B's easy pattern with two strands of worsted yarn held together throughout and a size N hook. The yarns were various cheap-o stuff that I could find at Wal-Mart, nothing fancy, but the blanket turned out warm and soft anyway. My kiddo loves it and won't sleep without it, even in summertime.
This is a scrap one that I made as a chair throw. We always seem to need blankets and such to lay under. I used scraps of various and sundry left overs with black ripples between. The black yarn is the only yarn I bought for this purpose. It is Red Heart Super Saver in the gigantic skein. I finished it off with black tassels at the points on both ends. I only wish it had been a bit wider. Live and learn!
Thanks so much for taking a look at my ripples! I have truly enjoyed seeing pictures of all of yours!