Friday, April 20, 2007

Kristi's Blanket

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm working on two ripple blankets at the moment. Well, the second one that I started is for one of my bestfriends who is getting married in June. I'm making the ripple afghan for her bridal shower, and she has requested that I not post updates on my personal blog so that it's a surprise. I resisted at first, but agreed only to post updates here.

So here is an update.

Ripple-Ghan #2: more rows for kristi's shower

I have since added six more colours stripes - even the light green - but am too impatient to wait till tomorrow for the sun. So sorry, no photo. I'm running out of ways to take expressive photos of this blanket anyway. I'm so much more stimulated by blankets with multiple colours.

On that note, here's a quick update on my blanket. I added 'sea ice' Patons Shetland Chunky stripes today. This picture is from last weekend after adding orange.

Ripple-Ghan Process: another row

I'm liking it more now - thanks for supporting me in my days of uncertainty.

Jen of Persephone's Awakening

Slow going update

I can't believe how beautiful everyone's ripples are and how quickly your ripples are growing, I feel like a slacker in comparision.

But I'm feeling like I'm in a groove now and the growth is certainly easier now that I have the pattern memorized and I can see how nice the colors look together. The Pattern is Candi Jensen's "Ripple Effect" from her book "Candy Crochet" using halfdouble crochet an H hook and RH yarn.

Ripplin' on the Run...

New pics for you all!

Am still using liberal amounts of rippling to quell the mounting stress of planning a silent auction that is looming TOMORROW now. AHHHHHHH! However, the repeatedly ripped ripple is benefitting:

...and it's close-up:

I'm off for now, will check back in on Sunday and will catch up on invites then. For those newbies looking for a good pattern, check out the labels in the side column. There is one for patterns that should take you places. If you're looking for the soft waves though, you're going to have to find a copy of Jan Eaton's 200 ripple stitches or the Harmony Guide for crochet or Donna Cooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet. I know they all have wave patterns, and for that matter I imagine most good crochet stitch guides would too.

Happy Rippling! Dawn