Monday, April 9, 2007

How wide is yours?

I'll be starting a gift ripple-ghan soon, and it has struck a nerve of curiousity deep within my hook-ed soul.

The question: How wide is your afghan?

I'd muchly appreciate some feedback here - you all serve to inspire me so much, my muses!

Thanks in advance,


i need help from you all!

OK. so i have been loving this knit-a-long. i have 2 ripples in the works. neither of which are picture worthy yet, but as soon as they are i will be posting updates!

i have been noticing that many of you have been using this book: 200 ripple stitch patterns by jan eaton. i have been lusting over it as well and have an amazon order ready including this but i am having some reservations. i read several bad comments about patterns being wrong. can anyone attest to this? or give me good feedback? i really want this book but not if there is a bunch of stuff wrong with it! HELP! Thanks in advance!

A Request!

I am loving all the lovely rippling going on, but because this group is big, it's hard to keep track of who is who and whose ripple is whose. So...I have a request! Could you please put your name/nickname/username/whatever in the labels field so we can all have an easier time figuring out who did what and we can see the progress that's been made? I know some of you may not give a hoot, but I'm curious about this sort of thing and I like to see how far you've come since the last time you posted. Thank you! Now back to your regularly scheduled rippling...

The resistance is futile ripple

This is the current state of the ripple blanket I tried to resist. It's pretty big but it still needs to bigger. I'm sure now that I'll have enough yarn to finish the main block though I might need to buy some for the edging.

I'm pretty happy with it. I'm not sure it's quite what I expected but it's nice.

So close, and yet...

When I started this ripple I was doing two, three, sometimes even four colors each day (meaning four, six, or eight rows). I couldn't wait to get home and ripple. And now? Well, now that I'm visibly nearing the finish line I find myself finding other things to do besides the ripple. I've even done the dishes.

I figure I've got about 16 more colors to go. At one a day, that's still more than two weeks!

And that's my weaving project in the background. Towels ... which I only started when it became clear that the ripple wasn't going to last forever.

Is it esthetically pleasing? I'll leave that for others to decide. My only criterion was that each new color should go with the previous one in some way. So there's a flow, from bottom to top. Whether it works as an overall piece, I don't know. I do know, however, that my stash is substantially diminished. But it should sustain me to the bitter end.