Sunday, May 6, 2007

Started my ripple for real!

Well, I was originally planning to work on an afghan in the Susan's Easy Ripple Afghan pattern, but from looking at everyone's photos here on the site of their Soft Waves ripples, I decided the other day to order a copy of Jan Eaton's book (which happened to be on sale at the web site I was browsing at the time). And happily (shockingly) it arrived Saturday, so I got started trying to see if I could do it -- here it is next to my Easy Ripple swatch:


Considering that's only the third bit of crocheting I've ever done (and the largest), and I have recently mastered the advanced technique of "actually reading the pattern all the way through before starting," I was feeling pretty slick about it. So I picked up my "real" yarn (which I got about two weeks ago), put on a DVD and started stitching. I chained 219 (216 +3) for a 150 cm wide 'ghan (at least, according to my swatch; we'll see how reality works out). Fortunately, the swatch served to work out pretty much all the kinks I had with the pattern (once I figured out I stopped coming up short of stitches when I actually did the 2 dc at the end of the row...), and so in six rows of afghan crocheted in front of the TV, no major mistakes. Yet. Yay. :)

There's only one problem...

Afghan in progress

The colors I picked, which I thought would look so nice ... kinda look like I am crocheting Independence Day bunting. (I also have a skein of violet, but I didn't make it that far today.) Yikes. On the bright side, though (?!), I underestimated how much yarn I am going to need. On the Easy Ripple afghan pattern, it said 36 ounces, which is about what I bought. I have 7 6oz skeins, three of which have good-sized dents in them which make me think I'm only going to get 8 to 10 rows per skein. With my gauge, 2 rows measure 2.5 cm or 1 inch (which is really convenient, may I just note), so that's 87.5 cm/35 inches... aka "way too short." So, I guess I need to buy more yarn. Which will let me choose more colors, since I'm not really scared of the color changes anymore. So, at least I can ditch the "crocheted just for the presidential debates!" look, hopefully.

And one amusing side note: I have bad wrists due to both typing professionally and a bad break on one side a few years ago (plus a bad wrench on the other), and so I can really only do certain things for a limited amount of time before they start being painful. It seems that crochet aggravates my hands differently than knitting, so that means -- if my hands get tired of knitting, I can just start crocheting, and vice versa. Hah. I win! :-)

Oh, and just because he snuck into the photo above, apparently using his supernatural knowledge that, somewhere, a picture was being taken (a picture with NO CATS!) - in case you missed him, my cat, Tiger:


It's Warm!

Restful Saturday
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Three stripes completed this weekend, amidst work, housecleaning, and a lovely, restful Saturday afternoon. The blanket is just large enough to cover me toes to shoulders widthwise - when it's completed it'll be much longer; for now, its length is just wide enough. How's that for disorienting?

Below is another shot just for kicks. On the right, you can see the orange stripe I've lamented. More stripes have tamed it, though, so I don't hate it as much anymore. I'm sure I'll grow to love it, eventually.

Ripple, 5 May

It's Done!

He's going to be able to sleep under it tonight.

Stats: Caron Simply Soft (6 oz. skein 315 yds), 13 balls -- 3 each of dark sage, lime, and bright blue, 2 each of dark red and country blue. Size H hook. Pattern: Double Crochet Chevrons from Jan Eaton's Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques. Finished dimensions: 60" wide by 76" long. I crocheted two rows of each color, and had 65 stripes (so 130 actual rows). I estimate it took about an hour for each color change, and about an ounce of yarn for each.

He really loves it, particularly the lime green and bright blue.

I'm so excited to finish such a big project. I only learned to crochet in March, so this seems like quite an accomplishment. I'm already planning a round baby ripple in a rainbow of Caron Simply Soft Brites for my next one. . .

more ripple graffiti!

I've been crocheting some more ripples. And since last night was a Masquerade night they're now up on the streets of Stockholm.
they're a bit tricky to sew on
trying our very best to fit the ripples together
it's worth the effort
and they look even better in daylight
turkos o lila

As much as we love crocheted ripples, we're doing our best to be a bit variated. Right now we're very much into dressing statues. We'd also like to try knitting some ripples - any tips for a nice and easy ripple knit pattern?

I'm here!

I'm here at last... I started rippling a couple of weeks ago after seeing some amazing ripples over here! I'm following the 'Soft Waves' pattern, using Rowan Classic - Bamboo Soft yarn and a 4.5mm crochet hook. I love the softness of the yarn and the stitch definition that it gives - it's like cotton only much softer. I don't know how long it will take me to complete my blanket, but I won't be finishing it as quickly as some of you guys!

Here's how far I've got...

And this is an earlier photo (in terrible lighting) of just 4 stripes, curled up like a flower!

Keep rippling everybody...


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Yes. I've finished my baby ripple. I'm actually sad to be finished so soon. But don't worry, I'll be back very soon. I've already started a ripple pillow cover for a couch pillow. And I have big plans for a ripple throw made of stash yarn.

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Keep rippling, everyone! (And check out my new blog.)