Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yah, I'm still here...;)

Hi all. I am still here, and still working on my ripple. Doesn't look like I've done too much, but I did take a break for a couple weeks with our weather in the humid 90s. Now it is perfect weather again to sit outdoors with the ripple blanket on your lap, and go to town!

Here's my latest pic, it's a few rows bigger than last time I posted :)

using my pattern, F hook, and Sugar N Cream cottons--loving all the blues....:D

Memories Ripple

After seeing all the lovely ripples on here (especially the big ones!), I have decided I would like to make a ripple large enough to cover my bed. But not just any ripple. I want a lacy one, made with yarn left over from projects I made for friends and family. A "memory" ripple, if you will.

So I went to Michaels and bought some acrylic in white, black, and lavendar to get started (I figure it's for me, so I can cheap out on yarn if I want). I am going to do stripes in scrap yarn, but a ripple large enough to cover my bed is likely going to use several colors of scrap before I'm done with it. The new colors are so I can work stripes between the scrap colors that will hopefully bring the whole ripple together, as well as tie it in with the color scheme of my bedroom.

I began the ripple with the new colors last night:

Memories Ripple 1

The next stripe will be one of my scrap colors, just as soon as I figure out which one I want to use first!

Crochet Weather

Wow! This afternoon is perfect "crochet weather". Rain and thunderstorms. It's also good to bring the temperature down here in Florida. I'm hoping to get a lot done on my Baby's Ripple afghan. Besides, I love thunderstorms, in moderation. And only if I'm inside!

I used to do child care in my home, from babies (6 weeks old) to 3 year olds. Whenever it stormed, I would tell them that the clouds were bumping heads, and that God was washing the trees, flowers, etc. It always worked. ;P Anyway, I'm off to do some crocheting.

Happy crocheting to one and all!

Yarn Haven

My ripple is growing

Here's another pic of my ripple in progress. It's getting rather loud, isn't it? When I started it I decided to make it scrappy with just yarns I have, even though I had plenty of other colors to choose from. After the first few colors I decided not to put any greens or basic colors in it and here's what I got. It will be hard to nap under, the colors might keep me awake. Over the years I've learned that many colors compliment each other no matter how ugly or wild they are. I've been making charm quilts, which are very scrappy, but the colors always work together. I have some posted at my site-Fabric and Yarn Stasher-if you'd like to see what I mean. I am having so much fun with this ripple and I already have the urge to start another. This time new pattern and coordinated colors like some of the beauties being posted. I have lots of quilts in progress, now I need lots of ripples in progress, too.