Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ripples in Georgia-

Hi everyone! I too started my ripple blanket after seeing Jane's and Alicia's.
I'm using as much stash as possible, but most of my stash is textured or variegated and I wanted to have solid color stripes and let the pattern make the texture, so I had to get more yarn for this. I'm making this for my daughter(2 and a half) for the bed she doesn't have yet!
Here is what I started with:
I was so excited to get started that I couldn't wait to get the pattern from the book - and I don't follow instructions well - so I just kind of messed around with it and came up with what is probably something similar.
When I had a pattern that worked and my yarn I figured out approximately how many rows I could get from each color and cut a little piece representing each row. I have some 100% cotton, some cotton/acrylic blend, and some 100% cotton, so I had to be sure not to have too many rows of one kind next to each other. I just slapped the pieces of yarn down and sorted for yarn type and let the colors stay where they fell (mostly.)
Here is my color order:
And the blanket in progress:

Hi friends


I found this ripple-along through Craftzine about a week ago. I'd never done a ripple before, so I borrowed a book and found out how.

Best. Thing. Ever.

So now I'm making this HUGE ripple blanket. I'm not very fast at it (probably because it's so long), but you'll get pics soon enough. As soon as I can work out the piccy... thing.

I, too, used the random stripe generator. HOURS of fun, just with that tool.

This is gonna rule.

And The Pendulum Swings!

I'm back to loving the colours.I'm back to loving the colours. Yup. Yesterday was a dud of a day at the end of a brutal week. Even though my love of the blanket never wavered, I'm definitely back to loving the colours after a wee break. I imagine I'll go back and forth lots of times as this project progresses, and that's one of the things I'm most looking forward to. Onward!

[Click the photo to get a better view.]

Rippling on the Knitting Cook

Hey all you ripple addicts, a quick note from the Ripple Mistress. I PROMISE to update my progess this weekend sometime, but honestly all this snow is just too much fun to miss and is taking up monster amounts of time. The few minutes I have I've spent sending out invites to wanna-joiners. (and if you're one of them, I apologize for not sending personalized notes, but we've got some major snow cave/tunnel construction going on and I'm a tad obsessive about it...will pop you a note later...I PROMISE!)

I did want to give you a heads up to take a listen to the episode of The Knitting Cook coming out this next week. Faith is going to give us a shout out!

...and I hear tell you can find us on Craftzine too, though I haven't had time to go over and poke cool is that?!?!? The power of the ripple is spreading ever outward!

I've got my stash and I'm ready to start

Several months ago, I purchased the now infamous Ripple Stitch Patterns. I flipped through page after page trying to decide which pattern to make. They all looked so delicious that I could not decided. And then, the fiber spirits sent me to this Ripple-Along. Woweee! I have the yarn - all wool, a mixture of Patons, Cascades, recyled and redyed sweater (lower left), various smaller balls of handspun, handdyed. I have the pattern, soft waves. This pattern will be perfect for a baby blanket for afghans for Afghans. I can't wait to begin and to join everyone else on this journey.

Peace, Lisa