Sunday, March 4, 2007

Decision made...

I've decided to complete the blanket as is. I figured that I will need to add about 42 rows more in order for it to be a good size ~ it currently measures 291/2 x 15. I am considering two different options to add color. 1. border the blanket or 2. add ribbon. Not sure yet but I have managed to work 5 more rows today while listening to an audio book. I'll add a new pic soon.

I've another one in planning stage. I am still working out the colors that I have to choose from but I did take a look at the ripple generator ~ thats a great tool ~ to help me and I'll update as soon as I've decided.

Welcome to all the newbies and congrats to those who are progressing nicely. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Have a great week!

Day 6

Here's my progress as of last night. After a pretty ambitious start I'm sure I'll slow down as things get back to normal over here, but I'll keep stitching away.
Ripple, Day 6
I set a ripple photo as my desktop background and thought I'd share if you want it. Just click the thumbnail to download (about 180K).

Ripple Background

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Picture = got!

Hi friends! I finally got the picture thing to work. Enjoy pictures of my stuff! Here's my ripple so far... it's 27 ripples, and each one is 17 stitches. It's 235cm long!

And here is my wool... I've since added a new colour. Yaay! Hooray for 6 rows!

Ripple Progress

after a few false starts, i've made some progress. i have one skein of 30 different colors and my one rule is that i'm not allowed to buy any yarn to finish this thing. a few colors aren't my favorites and so for me one challenge has been to just work through combinations that haven't been exactly inspiring to me. i had originally thought about picking colors randomly but i kind of gave up on that when i picked out two particularly heinous colors one after another. heinous to me anyway. i am enjoying myself though.

march 4, 2007

"Gather ye Rosebuds"

OK, so admittedly this is not just stash!! This Ripple Blanket to be, is for my 10 year old, very discerning daughter, who was very particular about her colors. So we have bought some newer yarn to make the palette of her choice. This is the Knitpicks, DK merino, and it was very reasonable. This is also my first blog entry ever!! I cannot wait to begin the blanket. This blog has some incredible posts and has been very motivating.

I have been mostly a knitter for the last 5 years or so, but learned to crochet first as a child. So I have ordered my own copy of 200 Ripple Stitches and intend to use the "Soft Wave" pattern. I love the gentle meandering of the curves. So armed with an old metal hook, and our fun collection of yarn, I can't wait to begin. I will return when my blanket starts to assume some character. Please keep up all of the posts, you are all very inspiring!

Hoppin' on the Ripple Bandwagon

Hello all you ripplers! I am so excited to be joining this blog and starting a ripple blanket of my own. You all have inspired me and your blankets are beautiful!!

As a little background: I began crocheting three or four years ago (my Mom taught me one summer), and since then I've bought several books (The Happy Hooker anyone? Love that book!) and waaaay too much yarn. I've also began to knit as well.

Here's my stash that I'm starting my blanket with, though I will have to hit the yarn shops eventually I think.... }:-)
Its a lovely jumble of different yarns, some acrylic, some not (I hope I don't have to wash it!)

And... drumroll please.... here's the start of my blanket! I am using a basic ripple out of a crochet stitch book from the 70's - given to me by my mom (I'll share a pic of it in my next post).

Well thanks for listening and a big thanks to Dawn for setting this wonderful blog up.

Hello from Connecticut

I'm another newbie, just joined, and I just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for letting me join. I have been reading the blog since last week and I have been enjoying the pictures of everyone's afghans. They are all beautiful!

I have been working on my ripple for a few days now, and I am very happy with how it is coming out. I have gone on and on about this afghan for the past couple of days on my blog, so I will try to keep this short.

I am using 18 colors of Caron Simply Soft randomly, and the "soft waves" pattern from 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns. The afghan measures 42.5" across and I hope to make it 60" long. 18 is a lot of colors to use, but so far I think they are blending well.

I do have one question for everyone, though. Have you thought about an edging for your afghans? I am inclined not to edge a ripple, but my corners are curling already. Since I am using acrylic, blocking isn't an option. I would appreciate any suggestions for an edging.

Thanks again for letting me join in all the fun!