Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Frogged Granny ghan turns to ripple....

This fall I bought a whole bunch of yarn for a large single granny afghan that was pictured in the Lion Brand mag. I got thru all the colors and then realized I didn't like it in a granny style. So yesterday afternoon it was frogged into the balls in the picture. So far I only have the base chain made in the brown yarn that's up front. I used the random stripe generator to create the pattern. But unfortunately, the ripple will be put aside till my granny swap squares are done. Hopefully some time this week. All of the yarn for this ripple will be Wool-Ease. There may be a few skeins of extra jiffy thrown in.

It's really nice to see everyone's ripples. Keep rippling along.

Yarn Suggestions?

I hope this is ok to post, if not delete away ;)

I'm dying to start on my ripple....but trying to decide what yarn to use. What have you used? What do you like?

I want something reasonably priced (aka, I need to be able to afford to finish it! LOL) But nice, easy to care for, etc. And I want something with a LOT of color options ;) I think I'm going to have to order online, bc colors are more limited locally than I'd realized. So what do you use?


My name is Monet and I live in Broad Brook, CT. I just joined and I did have about 10 rows of a granny ripple done but the colors, as well as the pattern, were not jiving for me. So now the yarn is back into little balls. :) I'm sure some of you understand that! I will be starting another one tonight or tomorrow and will hopefully have some pics to share. To Everyone on here, Have a Happy Ripple Day and I will post soon!!