Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still working on it.

I thought I should stop by since I haven't updated in a while. I am still plugging along on my blanket. I am so close to finishing, but I keep getting side tracked by other projects.


Oh, What Fun!

What Beautiful Blankets you all are making!
Here's my progress:

The colors are brighter and richer

but not this dark . . .

I have another darker shade of this jade green that will go next stripe, but that is all the further I have thought. I made three batches of my yarn according to color family and am picking what I want next as I go. It's Fun!

Doing the math, I have have yarn for 80% of the blanket I wanted, so I am going to about 7 more skeins of yarn. I thought I would get Patons Classic Wool since most of my off white is that type of yarn and I know I can get it here at Michaels. I thought some more pink and orange and mabye a burgundy and a pine green.

I got the 200 stitches book and just love some of these patterns. I have one and a half batches of woolease to make two more throw size ripples, and dreams of more! The patterns I like best are: #1 Blue Lagoon (K), #8 Soft Waves (C) of course!, #16 Pink Ripple (C) which I would have used if I had had the book before I started this!, #83 Feather and Fan (K) is classic, as is #175 Celtic Waves (K) and #179 Old Shale (K), #112 Truffle (K) looks good enough to eat, but a tad difficult for me at this point, I like #192 Frangipani (K) but it might just be the hot pink, yellow and magenta together = pretty! and #195 Pink Fizz (C) is a very interesting sc pattern . . .

so many patterns, so little time . . .

Finished One and Starting Another

I finished my first ripple and I've started a second. I have mixed feelings about the color in the first, which I wanted to use in my bedroom. I count this afghan as a learning experience.
Here are the specifics for it:

Susan B's Easy Ripple Afghan pattern
Caron Simply Soft yarn
Size I needle
Picked up one yarn in stitches so it would create the line (hope that makes sense)
Edged all the way around with one row double crochet

For this second one I am using the same pattern with these specifics:

Same pattern
Same yarn, more colors ( hope to buy a few more than what is pictured)
Using smaller hook--H
Catching both yarns for each stitch for a tighter weave.

Jane of Yarnstorm ripple is my inspiration for this one. The picture of hers is on the right. Thank you, Jane! I love your multicolors. I'm studying your picture to see what I need to add.

I shared more on my thoughts about these on my own blog today. I also shared a granny afghan that my mother made that is ever so precious to me. I would love for all you crocheters to see it.

I love, love, love seeing each and every one of your works of art, fellow ripplers!