Thursday, July 5, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I went through my mum's old stash of yarn (the last time I saw her knitting was 15 years ago...), and came accross many odd balls of blue yarn. I've been longing on your gorgeous ripples for some time now, so the idea came quickly : I'm gonna make a blue ripple !!!
The yarn being medium and the left-over balls rather small I decided to go for a small project. It's also a convenient way of testing my "rippling skills" before I get on the bigger afgan project I'm deaming of...

So... a blue ripple handbag it will be !
First rows coming soon...

Hello Ripplers! This is my first post and my first finished ripple. I started it for myself but my mom got a lok at it and claimed it, oh well! Used the Caron Simply Soft colors. I have another in the works using lion suade, will post progress pics from it soon!
I really enjoy looking at everyone elses projects too!