Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nisa's Ripple Half-Blanket Done!


It's done! I actually fastened off and weaved (wove?) the edges in long ago, but just never got around to posting the pics. I decided not to make a full-size twin blanket because:
  1. It was eating up so much yarn that you know, when you go to a yarn store, you can't just buy one skein or one kind of yarn and so I was afraid we'd go bankrupt trying to support my yarn habit. And I still had to make another one for my youngest!
  2. I had a feeling that my eldest, for whom the blanket was intended, might not quite take to it the way I had wanted her to.
  3. I got bored of it. :D

This is how it looks going vertically on the bed. I don't like the way it looks this way, but at least it's long enough so that if she does ever use it, it'll cover a good part of her body.


I was supposed to make another for my youngest, and I did start it, but soon after we found out that she's got a dust mite allergy (among other things) and well, non-machine-washable wool blankets just were not a practical choice for their room. My eldest initially complained of it being too itchy, but now she'll at least keep it on her bed.

Now I have a whole bunch of this yarn left over so I've decided to try my hand at that Larger Than Life bag that's been making a bit of a splash these days.

Anyway, thanks all, it's been fun!

Son's Christmas Afghan

I finally finished the ripple for my DD, pics to follow...I have to finish sewing in the ends. I started one for my DS, the main colour is black with some deep red, tan and cream. I love rippling and this is going to be a nice gift for him to snuggle up with when he watches his movies.