Sunday, July 1, 2007

Finished first of 2 baby afghans

I finished the first of the 2 baby afghans I am working on. I started it a while back and got it out again. It is for my daughters friend whose baby is due in October.
what does everyone think?> do my edges look alright?

Toys in the attic!

The last time we visited my MIL, we found THIS in her attic.....

It is my DH's grandmother's trunk from around the early 1900's. Inside, MIL had left some of her crocheting, and guess what, it was a ripple! She told me to take it all home with me! YE HAW! The ripple isn't finished, but she still had some extra yarn with it in each color, so I suppose I will try to finish it up! (Happy Dance!) As you can see below, my dog, Asia, is also VERY excited about the find. :)

Homespun Ripple...

Homespun Ripple - Size K Bates hook
Susan B's Easy Ripple Pattern

Hey everyone. It's been a while since i've even worked on this ripple. I tend to have a relatively short attention span when it comes to a lot of things... and this ripple has kind of been cast off to the side a lot lately. Poor thing. It's so pretty. Why did I neglect you?

My birthday is next Saturday. What have I been asking for? Yarn. :) I want some pretty new yarn to make pretty things with. Who knows what it'll turn into.

Happily Rippling along...


Christmas ripple done!

Here are the pics:

Christmas ripple done!

I made this for a Christmas present for a friend up north. I am washing it and will put it in a space bag, then at Christmas will mail it to her right in the space bag!
Its kind of fun and was very quick to make.
200 ripple stitches pattern-Granny Chevrons
Yarn: red and green solid-Caron Perfect Match
Variegated red/white/green- Red Heart Holiday yarn bought on ebay.

Ripple blanket for Hugo - finished!

I actually finished this weeks and weeks ago, and it's even been delivered to the birthday boy in Brisbane (on Tuesday 15th May).

Ripple blanket - finished!
I'm so pleased with how this came together. And due to the short amount of time I spent crocheting it (I finished it in 10 days), I never once became tired of it.