Friday, March 9, 2007

I'm preeety pod'd

The ripple blanket is stalled, simply because I’m pod with it. I made so many mistakes due to trying to balance the weights of different clashing colours, it messed everything up. I found a simple way to solve these problems, which didn’t result in ripping. So, all is well, but I’m giving our relationship some breathing room, or I might be sorely tempted to dispose of it in the most shredding way possible.
Btw, how can I join the flickr group? I couldn't find the join thingy in the discussion page...
And I know squat about french. I'm good for portuguese, spanish, some italian and some catalan, and english of course, but that's it...


Thanks for letting me play. I love the looks of ripples and I am definitely inspired by what I see here.

Yesterday, I messed around with the ripple patterns I have on hand. This one is the classic ripple pattern from Diana Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet. This is the pattern I'm leaning toward. I'm waiting on a new pattern book before I commit to it though. My plan is to use up stash and be a bit reckless color wise to challenge myself. I made the swatch in my favorite colors.

ripple practice

I hope to keep updates on my blog as well. I have been a bad blogger lately.


since my last update, i've added a few more stripes. unfortunately for every 2 rows i get done, i end up frogging one because i've been making mistakes in the pattern. it's not a difficult pattern and yet my hands have been betraying me. bad hands!

more ripples

ripple progress

Just moseying along...

I finally received my book from Amazon yesterday, and I was so excited to get started! I'm using worsted weight acrylic and a size J crochet hook for the "Soft Waves" pattern. I'm not sure if I like it, but I figure I'll ripple along awhile and see if I get used to it. Here is my start:

Just snaking along...

What size yarn/hook is everyone else using?