Saturday, April 28, 2007

28% finished

This blanket is due on May 26th. From your ripple-iscious experience, do you think I can get it done? Maybe I should be working on it instead of blogging? Or Flickring? Or anything else?!
WIP: Kristi's Ghan

I've accomplished a bit more on my other blankets - that's right, i'm the one doing three at a time. Would you like to see?


An 1824 Cotton Ripple

Here is a ripple I started about 2 months ago and put aside in order to work on the shell afghan for my son's wedding. I'm happy to say I finished the latter and think I'll start working on this one again. I have lots of 1824 cotton in my stash so this will be a stash busting ripple while I'm at it...Yea!!! I have almost 2 full skeins of a buttery yellow so I think I'll make the strips a bit wider with the yellow color....what do you think?

We're Havin' a Heat Wave

Truly, a heat wave in the L.A. area at the very time that I am crocheting a giant afghan that sits in my lap and makes me too warm to begin with. Quelle surprise.

After working on it for less than a week, I have been through two rounds of each color. It reminds me of the Caribbean, not that I have ever been there. It measures about 13 1/2" so far. I figure I will make it about 6 1/2' in length so I am about 1/6 of the way there. I should have it finished by 2010.

Yee Ha!!!! Finished!!!!!!!

I can hardly tell you how excited I am to have finished this, my first big crochet project! I've learned SO much - how to read a pattern (if it's really basic!), that I love love love beautiful yarns in natural fibres (the nicest one I found was an alpaca/merino blend - heavenly soft and light. I'd also love to try cotton and silk.) and that it's really hard to keep going on Project One when you have started dreaming about Project Two!
I was so excited about sharing photos with you that I didn't straighten the ripple properly before I took the photo and couldn't wait for daylight, so these are horrible flashed shots (the greens that look like avocado in this shot are really lime and the darkest colours are navy and chocolate)...

Finished Ripple!!
... don't care - I'm in love :D

Especially with the edging. It took me quite a few attempts to get this to look the way I wanted it to, but the crocheting/frogging/crocheting/frogging cycle was worth it in the end. I love the hot pink/red combo and the scallops.
Ripple - scalloped pink and red edging
Thanks to everyone who is participating in this Ripple Along!! You have all been so inspiring and your beautiful afghans have kept me crocheting when I started to run out of steam. Thank you, thank you!!
Now it's back to quilts and my somewhat neglected blog :)