Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Pleasure

Sunday Pleasure for a 30 something year old wife and mother is a good old pedicure and a little rippling along with it.

My fellow ripple friends, I'm still working on my skirt. I would have to say this is the most relaxing crochet project I've ever worked on, not that I have crochet a whole lot but there is something about the repetitive waves of bright color that makes it all very therapeutic.

Have a great week everyone! Cheers!

I've been rippling

It's coming along nicely. I think my ripple will be done by the time I return from my vacation. And I'm even thinking of making a ripple for a co-worker who's returning. And maybe a ripple scarf for my pal in the International Scarf Exchange.

Shout Out To Teabird 17!

I just wanted to nudge you along and encourage you!

Please post a pic of the rippler you're working on!

A dish of delish!

When I finished row 4 today, I was reminded of ice cream - it seems the colours I've chosen so far resemble cotton candy (one of th best ice cream flavours, I may add). I had a sudden brainstorm - take a photo of progress thus far that looks like an ice cream sundae!

Slight problem - I don't have an ice cream bowl. So I settled on a cloche that I received in a swap. Imagine the crochet hook is a big fat ice cream spoon!

WIP: Ripple-Along -> 2nd colour done!

I attempted to use the stripe generator to plan out my ripple afghan, but discovered that I wasn't content with the way things looked. With that said, I'm taking a more random approach, and using various yarns I have tucked away in my bin. I want to be a bit spontaneous, but at the same time cringe at the thought of Linkhaving an ugly afghan! I will have to trust my power of choice at the time. And I'm using a blend between SusanB's pattern, and one I found on flickr (5 stitches instead of 6 mean more wave than peak).

I hear some interesting noises coming from the kitchen... must go check that out!

Jen - Ontario, Canada
Persephone's Awakening

My ripples

Well, my blanket is inching along, literally. Each row is an inch. I have too many projects going and this one is not easily portable, so I don't do it enough, but I plan on working on it tonight. But I found another ripple I have done.

Last year I participated in a One Skein exchange by Interweave Press and I recieved a skein of variegated cotton. You can't crochet a lot with only one skein, but I found a use for it.

It's a ripple purse. I crocheted a flat ripple and then folded the two ends into the center and sewed it up. The strap is an I-cord. I used every bit of this yarn, even the beads are strung with it, which is sort of cool because the colors show through the clear beads. Only problem with it htough is it is a little small for me, I carry around BAGS most of the time, but it is cute. Its also pink, maybe one day I'll actually have something to wear that matches it.


I think I'm finished!

I initially planned to make it longer but it fits this bed just right!
I've only added a couple rows since last week's post, but I've been putting all the rest of it together. I picked up the bed skirt and mattress at a consignment sale and Dh and I built the frame for the bed yesterday. The bed skirt was an impulse buy, but it made it possible for me to just build a quick frame instead of buying a whole bed. I also love how the ripples of the ric rac imitate the ripples of the blanket.

I think she likes it!

Progress report

Moving along and pleased with how it’s going. Working on it at night has it’s hazards as I had to frog two full rows when I realized I got a little too white happy and just kept going too far in one of the white areas. Hate those setbacks, but sort of have to laugh at myself at times like that.

Not sure how far along I am to being done yet as I'll be done when it just feels like it's right in length. Then I'll need to start another one!

New Rippler (and newly addicted to crochet)...

Hi everyone! I'm Meshell, and have just decided to finally join in the rippling blather. I've been lusting over ripple blankets for weeks (Alicia's just about made me faint!) and have been sad that I couldn't make one as I have never crocheted. BUT, then one day it hit me, I could, you know, LEARN to crochet. Dear me...a bit slow on the uptake there =P

So I did, I ordered some yummy yarn as I am a sewer and don't actually have a yarn stash (I can hear the gasps! But I do have much fabric, so I know how it is, ha =P). I also got myself a hook and some beginner crochet and the 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns books out from the library. And a few days worth of fun, frustration and tears neatly averted I can do as much as I need to do to be able to use the Soft Waves pattern that I'm using, yay! I'm so proud and absolutely loving crochet (and it is so easy to rip out when needed! hehe).

The yarns I'm using are Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, some Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette and some Rowan Cotton Glace. I used the random stripe generator for my stripey-ness, although I found some ugly bits in my chosen pattern on closer inspection so ended up chopping up lots of generated patterns and sticking them all together to create the one I not so random, lol =) Then I did the same with my yarns and fiddled around with them, so I'm pretty happy with it and hope it turns out ok!

So it is now day 2 of rippling and I'm half way into row six. I am in love with these colours so far, I started with the aqua, then some charcoal and now I'm in the middle of some plum. It's so exciting running to see what colour comes next in the chart...although I'm waiting for the time when I don't agree and change it and muddle myself up! =)

Anyway, that's about it for now. Must give a big shout out to the videos over here which helped newbie old me immensely as I'm such a visual learner. I am now thoroughly addicted to crochet and keep having to make myself stop so that I can get some work done! My wrists aren't quite accustomed yet so I've given them a little heat treatment in the form of a rice filled sock out of the microwave, which works a treat, lol.

So glad to have joined the fun, am loving looking through everyone's work and the flickr group, such lovely colours happening! I think I want to try granny squares with my leftovers (if there are any!).

Meshell in Perth, Australia