Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I've finished my practice piece and ready to start a new one. I have some Caron Simply Soft, red, white and green I'm dying to try. I've also got to get some baby yarn, yellow, green and white, when I make up my mind on the pattern (waves, but crocheted or knitted--haven't decided which). My first grandson's (my first grandchild), is having a baby of his own...he's not having it, she is. But just the same, I can hardly believe I have grandchildren old enough to have babies of their own. Wow, where did the time go?
Gretchen is helping me finish the ends. Every time I sat down to work on it she came and got in my lap. She fussed at me if I needed to turn for the next row. Sorry, Gretch--this one goes to AJ. For his very first little-boy-big-bed. Had I planned this ahead of time, I would have used bright colors, but it was yarn that was given to me plus a few skeins I had to buy to make it long enough for the bed. And it was my practice piece. It turned out to be 59" X 35".

FO!!!!! Picture Heavy

Weeee!!!!I stayed up and finished my ripple last night. I started it April 7th and finished it before bed May 7th. It is draped on my queen size bed so it is pretty big.(excuse the bedside mess, that was where I was working last night and this morning just started taking pictures)

I only did 7repeats of the four color repeat instead of eight like I thought it would need. The finished size is about 50in by 65in.. I did end it in three rows of light green and then did a single crochet around the edge tucking all the ends in.

I then with a needle tucked a bit more in. So this is what I was left with.

I already have the yarn for my second. This windowsill is kinda our head board and this is what I look up and see while in bed. I love it. I think I'm gonna add a few more colors.

Here are a few more pictures. I love seeing every one's ripples and I can't wait to post about my second ripple:)

Ripple foot blanket is done

So I finally finished my ripple blanket, it's not very big, but I used up my purple coloured yarns & I'm very please with it.
I've started making a granny square pillow to match with the leftovers from the blanket.

I'll be starting a new ripple soon, hmm need to look through my stash.

Multicolored Ripple

I made a Soft Waves ripple for a friend of mine that took me exactly one week and one day to make (I was kind of on a deadline; I'll post the pictures once I get them off my camera). I liked making it so much that I decided to start a ripple for myself. It's true what everyone says: once you start rippling, it becomes addictive and you can't stop. I picked out the Pink Ripple pattern stitch from Jan Eaton's 200 Ripple Stitches, which is similar to the Soft Waves because it uses the double crochet, but different enough to prevent me from getting bored from making another afghan with the same pattern. I had a variegated yarn in blue, pink, white, and yellow and the corresponding solids, so it decided to become a ripple! My mom took a picture of me crocheting with her new cam, and I played around in photo shop to make the colors stand out. This is the only picture of me crocheting, and I've been doing this for eight years. Anyway, I love the blanket and I have come quite a ways in just two days. Since it is getting into the triple digits here in Phoenix, I'm trying to make it quickly to prevent it from being on my lap too long. Even though it's really hot here during the summer, I get really cold at night, so I'm making this ripple to cover me at night. I used a size K crochet hook, so the stitches are more open and not as bulky. Plus, it goes much faster.

Back to rippling!