Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well, I'm hooked!

Hi everyone! I also saw this on Posy's blog and since I LOVE ripples I had to join in. I started mine this past Saturday (the 24th). I am making mine 7'5" wide and then around 8 feet long too. I want it to fit on any bed in my house. Plus, I have tall children and dh so it has to fit their height as well. LOL

These are the colors I'm using. The 2 darker colors on the left bottom are brown and black.

This is how much I got done the first day:

This is where I stopped this morning:

I just LOVE working on this so much. I also like coming here and seeing everyone's different ghans whether crocheted or knitted. Ain't no big thing to me which one!
Oh yea...and I am doing this pattern for my afghan. I am also doing the off white every 2 rows of color.

Ripple and Wait

Hi! I'm on day 4 of my ripple. It was a bumpy start. I frogged it a few times before I got the pattern right. Still, I don't know what happend with the 1st two rows... they're not as ripple-y as they were before. Hmmm. I've got some other nice jewel-toned colors and some lighter ones for a mix. Thank goodness for the random stripe generator. I would go crazy picking and worrying about color choice. Maybe I won't do that now!

I'm excited to start a big crochet project and also to make a blanket. We may be trying to get pregnant in the next few months, and this will project will keep me company while I'm waiting. Pregnancy is a long time, too. I'll just be rippling away.

Stop by my blog sometime - Mary's Madness. I knit sometimes, I talk about my job as a middle school teacher, and all the other stuff that has been happening to me this past year. It's been a rough one.

I can't wait to see how everyone's ripple comes along!

a late bloomer joining in

Hi everybody, I'm a little late to introduce myself but I didn't want to until I had actually started my ripple. This is my very first ripple even though I've been crocheting over twenty years. I was having a terrible time trying to decide what pattern to use since I didn't have the 200 ripple pattern book yet.

I was reading the reviews for it on amazon.com and there were several compliants of errors in many patterns in the book. Have any of you experienced problems in the patterns in the book?

A couple of days ago I started with Bevs Baby Ripple Afghan thinking the pattern was straight forward enough for this newbie, but after two days of working with frustrating progress I confirmed I still don't like single crochet for big projects. So I switched to Candi Jensen's "RippleEffect" from her book "Candy Crochet" using halfdouble crochet and I immediatley loved it. There is more of a wave effect in it which I love.

You can see the difference between the ripple and wave in the two. This ripple afghan going to be a gift for one of my daughter's newest mommy girlfriends. I'm already thinking about other ripples I want to do, this is addictive! I'm excited to be part of this great group. Happy Rippling everyone!

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Nisa's Ripple Blanket, Day 2

Ripple Blanket, Day 2 - wavy waves

Is it supposed to ripple/wrinkle like this? The beginning of all the other blankets I've seen look flat. I'm no knitter or crocheter - this is my first big project of either kind. I had to crochet in Grade 6 as part of Home Economics or Crafts or whatever the heck that class was in the all-girls parochial school I attended when I lived overseas for a year. We had toglue samples of various stitches into a book. Our big project was to crochet a doily! What fun! Not. And so began my lifelong disdain for crochet until recently after seeing the colourful explosion of ripple blankets and grannies pop up all over the web.

Ripple Blanket, Day 2 - waves

I'm now on Day 2 of my blanket. I added the orange stripe with a bit of trepidation - my oldest didn't really want the colour in her blanket, but I loved it and I somehow convinced her it needed to be included. Then when I finished the stripe, I didn't like it at all. I soldiered on and now that I've tempered the deep orange with a bit of the lighter pink, all is right in my world again. However, my next 4 colour choices are some variation of blue or green and so I'm a bit worried how those particular colours will work with the existing ones and in my girls' room.

Ripple Blanket, Day 2 - in living colour

While taking the progress shots of my blanket, I noticed that the colours I've used so far match the colours of my girls' laundry hanging on the rack in the background. Funny, that.

Oh, before I forget, each 2-row stripe uses up about 1/3 of a 100 g hank of wool. Ouch.

Week 3 Update

Hi Everyone...here's my week 3 progress pic. Progress on the ripple is getting there, it's just starting to get big enough that I'm having a hard time to fit it all in one frame for a photo. I've been debating about how long it should be...how long do you like your blankets? Long enough to cover your toes?


~Keri of Knitty Gritty Thoughts

Beautiful Ripples

This one was made as a wedding gift from LB Woolspun from a pattern in LA Vanna's Favorite Crochet

I knit this on my way back to the midwest to visit for Christmas for my Aunt who is one of my favorite people. It is (roughly) the Misty Garden pattern from Scarf Style. And I have started another ripple baby blanket from some LB Wataercolors 'Bright Clouds' that I found too loopy to knit, but is going to work up beautiful in a crochet ripple.

Ripple-ly Challenged

On Sunday, I spent almost 8 hours trying to get my ripple to ripple. I've had this problem before and was the original reason why I stopped trying to ripple the last time. But this time I think I have it!!!

I'm only using two colors to mimic the colors of the Navajo moccasin.

I will chronicle my crochet journey on my blog as well. I love all of your colors. Beautiful!!

Subdued Ripple

Hi! This is the first big crochet project I've ever undertaken... after a few hours my wrists started getting sore. I took out an old crochet book to see if there was a more efficient way to hold a hook, and gosh! yes, I've held the hook the wrong way for most of my life.

I've had to restrict myself to only working on this on weekends, as there are far too many projects hanging, so there won't be too many updates. It's very difficult to keep my hands off it, though!

Let's Play Nice People!

Oh please! I have enough third party mediation happening with my kids, I surely don't need it here too. This is where I play. This is where we all play. Let's play nice.

There's a bit o' controversy stirred up by some one that has opted to leave nasty "anonymous" comments to a recent post by teabird, a loverly gal from down under whom Maven chose to invite to our ripple-along. The problem seems to be that she's a KNITTER. Not a crochet hook in sight. *GASP*

Would you be surprised to know she came clean to me when she asked for an invitation? "The more the merrier" I replied and happily invited her to bring her knitting on board. Which she did in the form of her beautifious scarf.

And then "Anonymous" gets all territorial. And snippy.

Come now. IT'S THE SAME THING JUST IN DIFFERENT STITCHES! Increasing for peaks, decreasing for valleys. I for one welcome the chance to learn something new and perhaps be inspired by it. Let's face it, not everyone's project suits everyone else's own personal style or taste. Skip over it, be supportive, be happy that they're making something they love. But don't be nasty.

Enough. I don't want to have to convince you. I SHOULDN"T have to do that.

So, I have made the decision to restrict comments to registered users. That way, if you're going to be mean, you're going to have to be accountable for your words. No hiding behind "anonymous".

...and I've changed the blog description too.

Comments? Feel free to leave them here and we'll discuss. Or pop me an email and we can do so without the whole blog watching.


Hi everybody! I'm Ryan I, like so many others, saw the ripples on Posy Gets Cozy and just fell in love. I hadn't crocheted much more than granny squares so I was a bit intimidated at first. Now I'm loving it! Can't wait to see my finished product. I only wish I had chained more... :o(
Beautiful work everyone! You all come up with the coolest color combinations.