Tuesday, July 3, 2007

what do you all think do my ends look alright?


Hi everyone. Well, here I am, another new rippler. I found the ripple-along just by chance, but it was immediately added to my favorites and I checked it out daily. I've never made a crocheted ripple afghan. I've made lots of granny squares and took some crochet lessons where I did makes some things. I always wanted to be able to crochet easily, but just wasn't very good at it. When I saw all these wonderful and different ripples I decided I would practice until I was able to ripple. I started the one above on Memorial day weekend. I never got more than about 20 rows done until I had to take it apart. Did that 3 different times. On the fouth try I made it and this is where it's gotten to. I've had some other things I've been doing, mainly quilt projects I needed to work on. Had I only been working on the ripple I could have gotten a lot more done. I got Jan Eatons ripple book and I can't wait to start another afghan using one of those different patterns. I'm afraid the ripple bug has got me.
The finished afghan on the right is one I knitted about 25 years ago. I didn't do a lot of knitting but when I saw this in a magazine I decided to try it. It wasn't real difficult but I did struggle at times. Now since I'm getting the feel for crochet, I think I like it a lot better than knitting. I like handling the one crochet hook rather than the knitting needles