Thursday, September 13, 2007

Woo Hoo! Yee Haw! and all that kind of stuff

I finished the ripple afghan for my dad. Here it is:

afghan for dad for christmas 2007

I haven't taken the measurements yet. It is long enough to go the traditional way: side-to-side stripes, but can also be used the other way too! It is nice and warm without being overwhelming, and it folds up into a nice little square. I hope he loves it as much as I have loved making it. I think it is my best afghan yet. But I must say this next one is very close to being my favorite as well:

ripple afghan for one of my brothers

The cotton/acrylic yarn for this one is so very nice to work with. And it has a really nice texture too.

Back to dad's afghan; I decided to do the last row as a solid row vs. the lacy one if I had been following the pattern perfectly. I decided the lacy row would be too weak. I don't think anybody would notice:

edge of dad's afghan

So, what do you think?

Back to my current work - I had a sneaking feeling that there wouldn't be enough of the dark blue yarn and I am sure that I am right. I had the same issue with dad's afghan, but that was because I had changed my mind about which ripple to do after I had already ordered the yarn. I thought when I ordered more of the navy (for dad's) that I would be taking a chance that the color wouldn't be even close because KnitPicks said there wasn't any of that lot left. But I ordered 2 more balls anyway, thinking it couldn't be that far off. I got a nice surprise in that the order ended up being the lot I was looking for after all!

I hope that is the case when I order one puny ball more for brother's afghan. I hate paying shipping for just one ball, so I may order another afghan's worth of yarn for ME!!!! Now if I could just decide which ripple to do, and what colors to use! Thankfully, I realized that I had better check to see if there was a calculation issue for another afghan's worth of yarn (coming up) and I was able to get that yarn at a local shop vs. having to ship it.

So long story even longer - do your own calculations immediately after ordering your yarn to be more sure you will have enough, and if you don't you have a higher probability of getting the same lot number.


Susan (aka ZenKnit)