Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My First Ripple

I made this for my cousins soon-to-be-born baby boy. I so enjoyed this whole project, from finding a ripple pattern I could actually figure out—I used Lucy’s pattern; I’ve tried others and given up on them (“There must be a mistake in this pattern!”), but Lucy’s pattern and photos were so clear and the results are just what I was looking for; to shopping for the yarn—I wanted organic cotton but all I could find was hand wash only, and I didn’t want my cousin cussing me every time she hand washed it with a newborn possibly crying in the background; to deciding on the colors—I made a collage of the registry items, saved the file on my phone, and went to my LYS; to actually crocheting it—much of which was done with cat eyes trained very intently on the yarn. I carried all those happy-colored Lily Sugar ’n Cream balls in a big basket and loved rooting through them all to find the next color. My cousin seemed to like the blanket, and others “Oooh!”ed and “Aaaah!”ed over it as she held it up. I got a few “Did you make that?!”s and even a couple “You could make me one if you wanted ....” As much as I love my cousin and wanted to make it for her and her new kiddo, I admit I was a little sad to give it away and leave the baby shower without it. I did give it one last, fleeing glance, sitting there on the gift table, as I walked through the door.