Monday, March 26, 2007

Hello - teabird here

I started this feather-and-fan last year as my Knit the Classics project for Wuthering Heights.

feather and fan
It's now 31" long. Its destination: 60".

Feather-and-fan is one of my favorite knit stitches. It's incredob;u easy because there's only one pattern row, and it's perfect for variegated yarn. This is KnitPicks Memories in "fly fishing."

When I posted this on Tea Leaves, I asked where people thought the second skein began. WRONG! The second skein began about 3" into the pooling. I decided I liked the pooling, and it has since changed patterns again.

I'll keep you posted as the scarf grows... melanie a/k/a teabird

Hello, from Louisiana.

Count me in! I tuned in often for updates on Jane's progress, but, like so many others, it was Alicia's blanket that pushed me over the edge. Then I followed her link here, and oh my, the inspiration! Next thing I knew I was eagerly awaiting the UPS man to deliver my "stash". This will be my first time to have ever splurged for really good yarn. I decided on Rowan Pure Wool DK. I love the color variety and super softness was no real concern. The blanket is for my 2 year old son, Jack's twin bed, to be placed on top of his regular bedding in winter months. Which is about two weeks in January here, but they will be two cozy weeks!

Here are the colors I chose, minus a true red, light gray, and indigo that are back ordered.

And in the spirit of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" I am using Jan Eaton's Soft Waves pattern. I am drawing a random yarn from a bag to decide color order (the random stripe generator and I just didn't jive.). I had also planned to use the same method to decide the widths of the stripes, drawing a 1, 2, 3, or 4, But after I drew a 2 three times in a row I took the hint.

Getting started....

The nosy visitor is Jane, our little silver duck wing bantam hen. She can not resist my shiny, gold crochet needle. Working in the chain is not my favorite part, but I finally started to make some progress...

I chose the dark gray for the first 4 rows because it was my heaviest color. I will finish the other end this way, too. But it's the luck of the draw for everything in between!

a love-hate relationship . . .

. . . is what I have with this ripple blanket. I go between "gorgeous - can't wait to drape this over my bed" and "wow, what was I thinking??" But I am determined to see it through because 1) this is my first crochet project and 2) big UFO's like this are hard to hide. I find that I like it better in the photos than in real life -- who knows why?

Here's another shot of it next to my felted knitting bag. Guess these are my favorite colors, whether I know it or not.

Have a happy, ripply Monday!


50 of 84

50 stripes done out of a planned 84. I may need a crane to photo it next time as I won't be able to get far enough up to get all the stripes in after this. I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it. My bag of yarn is very puny now.

Inching toward the finish line

I can tell that I'm going to go through a grieving period when my ripple is done. It'll be a sad, sad day.

Yummy Yarn

Yummy Yarn 3
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Hello, fellow ripplers!

I'm Nisa from New England and I've decided to jump onto this Rippling bandwagon! I'm hoping that blogging about it here will keep me going so I can actually finish what I've started. And not only that, I plan on making 2 of these - one for each of my girls!

Here's a shot of the wool I'm using - it's all New England Highland worsted weight wool from Harrisville Designs which I'm lucky enough to have practically in my backyard. They have some seriously gorgeous colours there. It was difficult not to walk away with all of them! I only wish the wool were a little softer! I'd like the blankets to be big enough to cover the girls' beds, but the cost may end up being prohibitive. I'm making it as least as wide as I need it and I'll see how far I get up, lol.

I've started with the dark berry colour and my plan is to let the ripples dictate the order of the colours. I'm also using the ever-popular Soft Waves pattern. I'll post more when I make a little more progress with my blanket. Right now I'm only 5 dc in on the first row, lol!

The first day...


My name is Barbara, I live in Sweden, but am Dutch. I saw the ripple project on the possie-gets-cozy blog and really liked it. I am more into quilting and embroidering and I hadn't crochet since I was 13, but it is all coming back to me now! This is what it looked like after my first day yesterday and I am totally addicted. I used the first youtube version that was posted here as a pattern.

I bought new yarns for this project and chose Silk Alpaca. It was a bit more expensive then I had planned to spend, but I fell in love with the colors and softness of the yarn.

I showed the ripple to a very good friend of mine in Holland, so she is going to start one there, and I am going to start one in Sweden, so that makes the project even more special...


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