Sunday, April 15, 2007

Two ripple blankets at once - is it humanely possible?

So I've taken it to a new level - I am now working on two ripple blankets. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But I've promised my friend that I'll have a ripple for her for her bridal shower (May 26th), and gosh darnit, a blanket she'll have! I bought the yarn for said blanket yesterday (she picked out the colours last week, and I added an extra shade because I have spare yarn in that hue), and plotted out the blanket using the Random Stripe Generator. I even added the details to my artsy journal, as you'll notice from the following photo:

Beginning ripple blanket #2

And since yesterday, I have accomplished an additional three colours: a total of six more stripes. Now, I'm off to snack, call boyfriend, and add to the ripple sensation.

Ripple #2: Kristi's 'Ghan

MacKnitty is a slacker (Week 4)

I've spent almost no time this week on my ripple. I think I need a little motivation. Actually not really I CO more projects instead of actually working this.

I know I want to finish but I have a wedding present to work on so I had to pack up my little ripple and put it aside until the weddings are over.

Hopefully by next week I'll be in full ripple force but actually you know what I probably won't be because I present in my class next week so I have to push out a 16 page paper, if I'm smart I'll do at least 1.5 pages a day ( I already did 5 pages). I bet 10 bucks that I'm NOT smart.
Keep on rippling.

my NEIS afghan has graduated...

my afghan has gotten too big for the couch that i must place it on my bed to display! i guess that's a good thing bc that means there isn't that much left. its looking like two or 3 more color set repeats and a decorative border and i will be all done! how exciting, huh?

i was able to finish my monkey socks and have committed myself to finishing a few rows a night in order to keep myself on schedule. so i'm hoping (*crosses fingers* ) to complete this afghan before the end of this week. keep a look-out for the final product!

~ joy from