Sunday, April 1, 2007

The repeating has begun!

I have decided that these are the only colors that I want on this ghan. YES, that means I'll have to go out and buy more yarn to do this big momma of a ghan. Darnit...hehehe It is just RH so no problem getting it I hope.

The black and brown don't look too different in this pic, but the black is on the bottom of the brown. My hubby said this pic just doesn't do the ghan justice and he's right. It is simply gorgeous in real life and very deep, vibrant colors.

I also just noticed that the soft white looks different on each strip. It's the same yarn from the same skein. lol

I have enjoyed seeing everyone's progress reports, keep them coming!

Until next time...a rippling I will go!!

Moccasin Ripple- Week 1

This week I've been productive with my knitting and my crocheting (the ripple). It's been 7 days and I have 19 rows of DC.

Seeing all the fabo pictures of your ripple, I decided to actually make an effort to take a pretty picture of my ripple. It's is a work of art? I've very proud of my photos, it required a little crawling on the floor and odd placement of feet but I've got a darn good photo on my hands (not like some of my prior photos). As you can see there are my Navajo Moccasins, Kinstaa (Navajo word for tall shoe) on top of my ripple. Those shoes were the inspiration for my ripple.

I told my husband to take a "nice picture" of my ripple with my moccasins while I took a shower and this is what he came up with, my ripple on the floor with the men's moccasin, I told him that I would use that picture for scale (he's an engineer). It's pretty big, enough to fully cover a queen size bed. The ripple is actually a blanket for the new LaZ Boy we are getting on the 28th.

I used the random striper for random maroon and cream stripes. Up next is 7 rows of cream, 1 maroon and 4 cream. Week 2 should be complete by then.

My blog has my other weekly knitting accomplishments.

Keep rippling!

Riss' Ripple... Froggededed

I've just frogged my afghan. I decided that it was just too wide. I had like 7 and a half stripes done.

Feelin frustrated... until I look down at all of this beauty... :D

Sorry for the scary floor around it, but this is my new stash. In combination with the colors i've already used and are now in neat little balls on my bed, it'll be enough to keep me going awhile. I went to AC Moore for their yarn sale. It's all red heart super saver acrylic... regular $2.29, I got it for $1.79 per scain. I think I'm gonna go back later this week :D

Quick question... What do you guys do when you can't find the end that pulls from the inside? I dig... and look... and get frustrated. Then eventually either ball it, or just work from the outside, which takes twice as long. Is there a trick to finding it when it isn't already sticking out? Or is there just no hope...

Anyway, I'm off to figure out how many chains equals roughly 78inches and then how close of a multiple of 16 it is to match my pattern...

my millionth attempt

I'm still so new at crochet'n and this is my first try at pattern. lol i've tried and failed over and over again. but i like it so its ok. i think i have the gist now. but for some reason, i think its my type of yarn i started with. when laying down flat it turns into a bit of curve like a tiny rainbow. lol oh well.

Its going to be my 6 year olds blanket so he's been picking out the colors and order. ::note to self:: he is color blind (not joke) so deffinatly not the colors i would've picked, but he has his mind set on certain way. as long as he loves it thats all that matters

Oh dear...Addiction rising.

Hi everyone! This is my second update, and I am still newly in love with crochet and rippling =)

At the moment I’m on my 14th colour or 27th row. I’m absolutely loving working with these lovely yarns, and I’m trying to ignore that red row which is just screaming at me to remove it (which I will not!), lol. I’m trying to average out one colour a day which is going well.

I also managed to snap up some nice yarns at the Knit Happens sale (not much left at all!) which will arrive soonish I hope. I’m already having fun thinking about what to do with my leftovers, I can’t wait to try granny squares and maybe some ripple cushions and etc. They didn’t have any Baby Cashmerino or Rowan left but I did get some others that will fit in well hopefully!

Project Specs –
Pattern: Soft Waves from 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns
Yarn – Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette, Rowan Cotton Glace
Hook – 4mm
Chains – 219 (double bed size)

PS. And a gratuitous cat shot =P She is loving the rippling action too, just sleeping and hanging out next to me.

On the treasure hunt front, I got my mum rippling too, but she will not post to the blog no matter how much I coax, she’s too shy =P So here’s the start of her ripple cushion (pic taken with permission from her blog) in blues, greens and purples. She also bought a ton of yarn in the sale too so we’ll see what she starts next…neither of us crocheted or knitted much at all before all this madness so it’s funny that we have become so addicted in such a short period of time! I’m sure you know how it is, hehe.

Loving gazing at all your works all day!
Meshell x

Por Favor?

My first attempt at the ripple along isn't turning out so well.

Pictures to be forth coming.

Anyone want to take this off my hands to frog and recycle the yarn? I don't have the heart to do so.

I'll gladly ship it within the US.

Time to start again, this time with all yarn of the same weight/gauge. I got too creative with too many different yarns, despite using the same diameter hook for all of them...