Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanks Ripply Friends!

Thanks oodles and bunches for helping me with my dilemma in choosing colors for my niece's Christmas throw! I have really gone back and forth on this one.

However, she (unknowingly) clinched it when she confided in a family member that she never got to select something color wise without a well meaning adult pressuring her to change it to suit their tastes. Well, that did it for me. This kiddo that I love so much will get exactly her color preferences.

Of course, they are not necessarily choices that I would have made, but I can always make another throw for her when her tastes change :-)

That gives me another ripple to plan....


This is Spiderman.....and he needs a Spiderman-ghan!

I saw this pattern a year ago and bought the yarn to make it, but never got around to working it up. Yesterday I was browsing in Ravelry and saw all the completed Spiderman afghans and got obsessed with starting it! I started it last night and hope to have it done before Christmas!