Friday, March 2, 2007


I've enjoyed re-purposing the old diaper bag for this project--it's like a Mary Poppins meets Dr. Housecall bag. Not so sure how I feel about the blankie at the mo. The colors are fun, and I enjoy the mostly random pull-outta-the-baggie color choice fun. The single crochet however, feels a little tight. Perhaps half-doubles might have done better in this instance...and a bigger hook...sigh. I'm considering ripping and beginning anew. It is nice and meditative, the up and the down, and I especially like decreasing for some reason. Anyone else feel the same way?

Stripes Only A Creator Could Love

I can't say I'm loving the colours at this point. That said, I totally love the blanket. If it ends up a soft, cozy pile of fug, so be it. I scrounged around and added a few more colours to my bag-o-yarn; these will either increase the fug or make the fug go away. I can't tell, and frankly I don't have the energy to scrutinize. I'm just going with it. It's the going with it that makes me most happy. Also, I really dig crocheting along with all you ripplers. Such fun!
Ripple, Day 4

ripple hints

Ok, so I am finally on the right track with my ripple blanket. I had to start over twice due to problems at the edges of my blanket. I didn't end my rows at the correct place in the ripple so I was ending up with too many stitches on one side and not enough on the other side. In case anyone else is having the same problems starting out, I wanted to refer you to some great advice I got on the Livejournal CrochetCrochet community. The not-so-mathematical chain stitch start (chain more than you need and then just rip some of the chains out when you get to the point where you want to end your first row) worked so much better for me than trying to count out 200-something chain stitches. Maybe I'm just not good at counting, but I thought the advice might be helpful in case anyone else is experiencing the same thing. Also, drawing a diagram of the last ripple helped me see where I would increase and decrease to keep the number of stitches the same.


I'd show you a picture, but...

It seems that crocheting anything while in the midst of moving is a super silly idea. However, with four projects going, why not add one more with ripples? It's a strange world when you've crocheted for 64% of your life and have never tried ripples or chevrons. Perhaps it's worse that my grandmother never showed me how to do a granny square, and so I am granny-square-less.

Anyway, I blame the lack of pictures on the move, and the lack of more than one row on this earthquake. (Because let me tell you, there's nothing quite like an earthquake about two miles from your home to disrupt your ability to stay calm. You start wondering if it's big enough for you to run to a doorway. Then, you try to keep track of what is falling from the bookshelf and wonder when it will end, if you should try to pick things up, and if you should dare eat your dinner. And then, you freak out with the question of whether or not it is beneath you or across the bay. Once it stops, you get headaches from the aftershocks.) Although, when you are a geologist, you actually get excited and wish you were outside to feel the ground shake, because we lose all sense when something like that happens.

However, I can tell you that my super soft yarn in red, oranges, and yellow are going to make a super cool afghan, until my sister finds the yarn and packs it away. There are no random colors to choose from since the far-too-large stash now lives in the new home.

And hi, by the way.

ooh! me too!

I'd been working on my own (gigantic) ripple blanket and was getting bored, then I found you guys through crochet me, now I'm reinspired. I started it as a gift for the boyfriend, but I didn't even come close to making it in time for his bday, so I might keep it for my own bed.... anyways, here it is:

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