Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another newbie!

Hello! I'm another newbie to the Ripple-Along. I found the project from my SP9's blog, after she sent me a cute set of crochet hooks of my own, and I've been following you all avidly for weeks now -- everyone has such fantastic projects! I really want to crochet a ripple afghan of my own (maybe one like this eventually, though probably a pillow cover or baby blanket to start out with), and there's just one little glitch... I have no idea how to crochet! I'm a knitter but I have never seemed to be able to wrap my head around crocheting. You'd think it'd be in my blood since my mother crochets constantly and my late grandmother -- who is actually the inspiration for me to make a ripple afghan -- was never without her Red Heart Super Saver close to hand. I was wondering if any of you might happen to be in or around Chicago, and interested in helping get someone else off the ground?

I can't wait to have something charming and striped of my own to post! Have yarn, will travel!


She sure is strange! said...


Here is the pattern I'm using, it is super simple. I think once you get the feel for crochet you'll be fine. I tried knitting once and could NOT do it, then I learned to crochet and was able to go back to knitting with little problem(I had tension issues the first time around). Reading a pattern, now that's a problem!LOL


sabrina d. said...

Thanks, Molly! I think once I just see crocheting in action (preferably not at the speed of light, like my mother crochets :-) it'll probably make more sense, but for now I've sort of been staring at instructions blankly. I can crochet a really long chain but that's about it!