Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ripple Progress

after a few false starts, i've made some progress. i have one skein of 30 different colors and my one rule is that i'm not allowed to buy any yarn to finish this thing. a few colors aren't my favorites and so for me one challenge has been to just work through combinations that haven't been exactly inspiring to me. i had originally thought about picking colors randomly but i kind of gave up on that when i picked out two particularly heinous colors one after another. heinous to me anyway. i am enjoying myself though.

march 4, 2007


Jen said...

I love the colours you have used in the photo. I can't wait to start mine! I think I will use the stripe-generator, because I'm so sick of ugly colours together. I want something that pleases me SO much!

What I am struggling with most is FINDING a pattern. I've come across one that is for baby ripples (or a baby blanket) but it's too angular for my liking. So i'm stuck!

monique said...

What a lovely photo, I love the colours.
I also have the same problem, I don't know if I like all the colours together that I'm using....


maryse said...

thanks monique and jen.
jen, that jan eaton book -- 200 ripple stitches -- is really fun. and it's not to expensive. it has great ripple patterns for both knitting and crochet. i highly recommend it.