Friday, April 6, 2007

Do I still trust the process?

Oh this is such a challenge for me! I'm really struggling with giving control to the yarn Goddesses and trusting their choice in colours. I don't like it so far. I'm tempted to frog it all - which would also be a huge lesson in letting go of control (Can you imagine all that work - puff gone!?). Anyway, I've noticed a trend: this blanket is turning into something quite similar to my granny square afghan. The colours are the same! See? I don't want two blankets that are the same especially when my granny ghan is so pretty! (I think the ripple would pale in comparison). With that said, I've put out the next eight colours, and I think that my worries may blend in with the new shades.
Ripple Along: six rows complete

I have to disclose something: I absolutely love decreasing! I attempt to reach that time anxiously... that time to not fully finish each stitch. Oh valleys!

Jen - Persephone's Awakening


Leah said...

I just had a conversation with a fellow rippler the other night about how much we love the valleys. How funny! And I don't think you should frog--my granny ghan also is similar to the ripple; I think of them as companion pieces!

Jenni-Raie said...

I just tried to add my yellow in - it's way too skinny!

the solitary thread said...

NO FROGGING missy! Don't you dare Ms control freak like me, hehe. I am loving the colours, and also loving decreases too! I love that you move across four whole holes with them in the soft waves pattern, lol.

I also just changed the order of my next rows, doh! x

hiccupp said...

Oh don't you dare frog! ;) I LOVE the colors you've used, seriously *LOVE* them!

Keep going, it looks great!

Dawn said...

i like the colors too, and you know, when you look at it later with the whole displayed before you, it's a totally different thing...grannies are so pattern-y by definition, but the random ripple has an energy all it's own. keep it up, i think you'll be pleasantly surprised! dawn

Jenni-Raie said...

good thing you all are so sure of my colour-progress.. your encouragement will keep me going!