Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thanks for inviting me!

Good evening!

1st I want to say that i am so excited in joining this list. 2 of my favorite blankets I made my youngest daughter 18years ago were granny ripples and I still use them today. One was white and two shades of blues and my absolute favorite is the white black and grey. I love how that one turned out and will snap up a pic as soon as I can remember and share with you all.

My name is DeeDee and I came across your wonderful group by browsing yarnydays blogspot. Wow how wonderful and so very busy, when do you find time for your studies? :-)

I am 47 and have three daughter, Nina is 28, Kim is 25 and Bonnie is 17. I am married to Kurt and he is the most precious gift I could have received (other than my girls) and I cant imagine life without him, so I don't. I take care of two small children ages 2 and 3 during the week and once a month I get my sister grandbabies (who called me Granny since she lives in VA and I live near them here in Texas). Their visit was yesterday and I get them again for spring break starting next weekend. LOL A glutton for punishment.

My Aunt taught me how to crochet backwards, I am a lefty and I do so wish knitting could be taught that way. My two oldest knit as did my Grandmommie and my Aunt. Together as a family we all also sew, crochet, love to cook, draw (my oldest is an interior designer) and create just about anything. We will try anything once and if someone says we cant then we do all we can to show them we can. Not sure if that is the English in us or the Indian. LOL

I have a large grouping of pets, 3 grandpups (Copper is Nina's, Roo is Kim's (shes a RN in training) and Pearle is Bonnie's. Then there is Trixie the outside pup that adopted us after her parents dropped her off. Such a cutie! Then we have a cat Meowsers is her name, killing mice for presents and teasing the pups is her game! LOL Last but not least Bonnie and I and two rats. Daisy is mine and Marcineaux is hers. Was rather gross at first them they grew on me and I love the rattie finger kisses they give me.

Well I guess that is about it. I love to crochet and I collect yarn, fabric and patterns. I like to think of myself as old fashioned because this new woman is a little too independent for my tastes. I have been crocheting baby gifts, wearables and barbie items lately.

Have a great evening and thanks so much again for letting me join your group!


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Jan Hatchett said...

Hi Dee Dee!
Welcome to our group. Please post pics when you can.