Saturday, November 3, 2007

I finished my Storm Clouds ripple!

I need to get a pic of it today sometime and post it. It turned out great and I'd love to make another one with different colors. I loved these colors, but doing the same one 2 times is just not me. lol

HDing here!!

Here it is!

I kept forgetting to get batteries for my camera, so I snagged dh's camera and got a pic. Dd is holding it (being Kilroy) and she is just over 5' 9".

This is a wedding gift for a friend's dd.


PattieJ said...

Very Pretty!!! I made one with the same pattern but with teal, turquoise and brown. I never worked in the ends on mine though! lol! Still need to do that..

Anonymous said...

Your afghan is great, and different from most I've seen. I've got a new niece on the way in a few months, and I'd like to try the same pattern in baby colors! I can see why it's called Storm Clouds, but maybe I'll call mine rainbow clouds or something like that.

Nancy said...

Pattie, thank you! I bet those colors on yours are just gorgeous! I did the ends as I went. I'd go 10-15 rows, then stop and put in ends. It makes it much nicer for me that way.

Pam, thank you! I think it would look great with baby colors! Rainbow clouds is perfect!

Anonymous said...