Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Here is another pic of my ripple in progress. It keeps on growing.
As I've said before it's pretty wild but I think I like it for a first try. The next one I want to be softer colors and I've got plenty of yarn to choose from.

I know this is a ripple along, but I hope you will forgive the other two pics. I promise to never post any thing but ripples in the future. I just had to tell you how happy I am and how much I'm loving crochet thanks to this site. Till now all I could do was Granny squares(picture above). Any of the few other items I've crocheted were done in classes with lots of instruction and I still didn't get it. When I found the Ripple -Along I was so impressed by every ones beautiful work. I was bound and determined that I would learn once and for all. I have wanted to be a crocheter for years and years. When I started my ripple I didn't quite get it but now I understand the patterning and have got the rhythm of the increasing and decreasing and the counting stitches between . At first I was just blank but now as I crochet on it I see those incs and decs and regular stiches and know what to do without looking at the pattern. I can't wait to start another ripple using a new pattern from the 200 Ripple Patterns book. So many to choose from.
My confidence has grown so when I saw the pretty daisy square(piture above) at KrystalKrochet, I really wanted to try it for myself and then make some for charity. Her instructions were great and so detailed. But I did struggle and did have to frog(That's the word for ripping out , right?) a number of times.Finally, again, the light bulb in my brain came on and I got it! I am really so happy. Now the last thing to overcome is those fine doilies made with cotton thread. Then I think I can crochet just about anything. But the ripples and granny squares will always be my favorites. And to think all of this happened because I happened upon the ripple along one day a few months ago.

If you're interested in Krystal's square, contact her at
She'll get a pattern to you.


Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Beautiful ripple. The colors are great. And I love granny squares. I think I'll try that one with the flower.

jmk said...

Woohoo! Way to go! It's a wonderful feeling of achievement, isn't it? I love Krystal's square, too. I've sent her one (must do more) and I want to use them for an afghan.

I'm crazy-mad for doilies, too. If you do decide to have a crack at them I'd be happy to advise if needed.

Quiltgal said...

Wow that sure will make you feel happy, I love the colours.

Unknown said...

Hi Maizee,
I think you're doing a wonderful job on your ripple, and your other projects as well. It's great when it finally clicks, isn't it? The same thing happened when I was doing my round ripple. At first I was recounting every round for fear that I missed a stitch or something. I'll be watching to see how your ripple turns out. I know it will be beautiful.