Monday, March 19, 2007

not much

to show you, since i've been sick this last week, which cut on my craft time. and, i've been pretty obsessed with my granny bag, so the ripples were left aside for a while. I did get back to it, since our rift is now past us, and here are some photos to show you:

This last one was at the moment of our rift. Now, I've added two rows of brown and two of green.

Two more of caramel to come. That's it folks. It's a big blanket, since hubby is both over 6' tall and a cover hogger! It takes me about an hour for each row, so it's slow going. Bye now

PS: This is a response to the comments, and seen as how it really fits as a post, I thought i'd put it here.

i had to do the border to cover all the mistakes from doing a few rounds of sl st without counting stitches... i cannot follow recipes, so i don't even bother anymore, but sometimes i get in these scrapes. fortunately, i'm creative enough to get out of them most of the times. and when i'm not, hubby comes to the rescue... which is why he deserves a blanket that actually covers all of him... poor thing, always has his feet bare in the middle of the night, in cold weather.
I don't know about the yarn though. it's two-toned, with some you could call lint all over it... i'll try to get a picture of the next skein to show you... as i'm basing the colour scheme from a portrait by van gogh (more info on my blog) and the blue is the main colour in the portrait, it should play a big role in the blanket. but there are at least three tones of blue in there, and i couldn't find anything that really worked with the portrait and with the other yarn, until the shop girl showed me that one. it was a perfect fit.
as for the granny blanket, i have it on hold, seen as how yarn is rather expensive in great amounts, and money is a bit tight around here, after my splurge on yarn this month... but i'm almost done with my granny bag!


jen said...

you are doing BOTH blankets at once! brave young soul.

i think i might do that too... i've decided to make the ripple blanket as a gift for my friend's bridal shower. she has to pick out the colours though.

DaniLane said...

i love how you worked the blue in there. is it pink pong? i haddn't thought of doing a border round until i saw yours, i like the way it comes together. my little ripple is getting a it neglected too because i've been wanting to work with thread more now lately. i will finish this before the summer, though!