Monday, March 19, 2007

damn you, kim!

hello everyone... here is my first post, brought to you by KIM from crochetme. i saw that beautiful ripple and had to test out my skills. sure i live in hawaii and we almost never need blankets, but loooooooooooooook at that ripple! too too tempting. so after one week and scrounging through my stash, i found the perfect color scheme for my apt.

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halfway through my firsst week crocheting, my fingers grew tired and prompted me to venture my way to a LYS and splurged for a clover needle.

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ahhhhhhhhhhh... how i went for so long using that plain aluminum needle for so long without completely crippling myself, i have no idea. ^_^ i'm so excited! this seriously is the biggest project i've ever made. i can't wait until i have a complete blanket. thank you for inspiring me, kimmy!


Melinda said...

Love the colors! I haven't asked to be invited onto the Ripple-Along yet, trying to get some rows finished before asking to post.

I will be in Hawaii this July for a wedding. It's on the Big Island, I beleive, opposite side of Kona on the island. (hope I got that right). Please let me know if there are LYS's I shouldn't miss or anything else for that matter, it will be a short trip. Thanks!


Dawn said...

melinda, i've invited you anyway! come post and introduce yourself proper. let us know what you're plotting!

dawn, hrm and allergy sufferer

hiccupp said...

I LOVE the colors you're using! Can't wait to see when you finish ;)

Kim said...

JOY! A note to everyone: Joy and I were roommates in college. I highly recommend waiting ten years to discover you have a fiber addiction in common with one of your dearest friends. Also, Joy, you're the only person on the internets who's allowed to call me Kimmy. And furthermore, your blanket looks awesome.

It's Me, Maven... said...

Love the colors in that last pic!

I'm so inspired, I'm starting my own lapghan:)