Monday, March 19, 2007

Ripples arn't just for afghans

This is a small commission project that I am making for a friends daughter. It's made in a soft wave pattern. I made it using Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in deep purple and baby blue. And I used an "I" hook... not sure of the mm because it's my afghan hook and it doesn't say the mm. It's not quite done of course.. it still needs straps and a drawstring. The top of the bag is actually on the left side. I took it kinda quick and didn't realize which way I had it. Right now, I think the straps will be purple in a ripple pattern. Probably just 2 rows of dc ripples should do fine for straps. Then the drawstring will be a sc, sl st chain of both colors. The bag is supposed to resemble those gym bags that alot of teens use for school.

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Jenni-Raie said...

i ordered 200 ripple stitches today, so it should be here soon. then i can stop wondering about how to make my tripples look as nice as everyone else's.