Monday, March 19, 2007

More ripples than I can handle...

OK ripplers, this is getting a bit out of hand. At one point I had 3 ripples going at once. My other projects are muttering and I'm afraid a coup is imminent. Must make some time to give them some TLC now that the small one for the baby is done:

I'm quite pleased with it. (except for the bit at the bottom...the join is not as smooth as I would like, but hey, maybe I'm just picky.) It's just a small lovey blanket that he can tote about with him. As of press time, he's made a great game of flinging it about whatever room he happens to be rampaging in, counting on his bigger counterparts to happily retrieve it. It's also worked up in all cottons or cotton blends so I can toss it in the wash.

Here's a close-up (of course with the ungainly join front and center. I need to plan better.):

With that out of the way I had imagined making myself tackle my blanket again. I simply must face down my color choice demons and get on with things. BUT thanks to Michelle, I was granted a reprieve:

She tackled my round wave quandary and I happily spent the day yesterday with a horribly stuffed up head rippling away. I did make one alteration to her pattern to close up a small gap in round 6. See my comments after her last pattern link post. And I'm working blo on increase rounds and flo on even rounds to give that ridge that highlights the wave. This is worked in Plymouth Fantasy Naturale mercerized cotton and it is fabulous, fabulous, fabulous to work with, though one skein so far has been a bit "knotty". The blues are slightly variegated and have a great sheen from the mercerization. It's also a woven type yarn and I don't know how they managed it, but it actually has some loft to it. For cotton it's remarkably light and airy and works like a dream. And NO splitting!

Starting round 14 and I'm quite pleased with it. Thanks Michelle!

I'm still a bit piqued that I can't figure out how to make it work with a closed "core", but if I goof with it long enough perhaps that will come. Next I want to play around with making one irregular...ameoba-like.

...and I need to start something that's not blue.


Megan said...

what pattern did you use for your sons blanket? I love the inside of it. And could see my daughter having fun with a similar blanket.

mk said...

love the wavy circle. ooooh!! I'm having slight regrets that my sunshine blanket isn't an actual sunshine now!
the cotton looks great!

Jenni-Raie said...

oh it's very pretty! Stars are always beautiful.

Susan said...

I love them both. The fuzzy area is so cute and really works. Great!

DaniLane said...

The wavy round looks so neat! great work!