Monday, March 19, 2007

...and our random blog highlight o' the day

My stuffed up head is already making me dizzy, so no bottle spinning was necessary to randomly pick a site today.

Take a second to check out Queens Knitting Mama on her blog, Knit Something Mommy!

The gal's got skills with the crochet...check out the rogue pirate rabbit, he's my favorite. And then there's the sketching. Clean and slightly retro. Reminds me slightly of the artwork in my old children's picture books. Fabulous. And the other artsy bits. Love them. And her Etsy store, fingerknits!

Off to steam my sinuses. Will catch up more tomorrow...if you're waiting for an invite, please be patient with my poor allergy prone stuffed-up self! (btw, we're closing on 70 members! amazing the ripples we're causing!)

Dawn, HRM

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