Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Prerogative of All Ripplers

After agonizing over whether to use blue...
Ripple Two - blue
...or chocolate brown as the oddball stripe in my new ripple,Ripple TWo -chocolate
I finally chose green.ripple again
This green doesn't photograph well. It's actually quite a bit yellower than it appears here - more of a slime green, in fact. I am constantly amazed at how much yarn these afghans take. As a previously-non-crocheter, am I just unaware how little you get from one ball of yarn? Or do they really gobble yarn??
And I think I am finally running out of rippling steam. It's been an obsession for two months but my stamina is failing me :(
I think I can, I think I can...
Kirsty xx twolimeleaves

Done the 2nd blanket

Do you remember that I'm working on three blankets - a granny square ghan, a scrap ripple ghan, and another ripple that will be a bridal shower gift? Well, I finished the gift - and in time too! It's not as wide as I was going to do it, because I switched it to be vertical instead of horizontal. It's blocking right now, trying to even out the end... heh. It's totally different colours than she requested, one by fault of mine, one due to the fault of Walmart's selection. But anyway, here's a photo from May 11th.

And since that shot, I've added two more rows - white and dark green. And now it's complete. Tada!!

The completed ripple bridal blanket

Ripple take 2

Okay.. so before i posted pictures of a ripple in purple.. but instead im doing this one for my brother who will be going away to college in august tpo suny it if i ever get it done... the school colors are blue and white so i was instructed not to sneak in any other colors

A bit of Learn to Crochet FUN!

As I am a horrible enabler and I want everyone to crochet all the time, I'm throwing this under your noses. If it ends up even a fraction of what it is aiming to be, you'll be able to crochet anything anytime. (or it might at least make your rippling easier, faster and more fun.) Crochet newbies rejoice!

There will be a series of 12 online crochet classes over at Each class will run on Tuesdays and will cover a certain theme. At the end of the course, you send the host a pic of your completed project to enter in a contest! The course starts this coming Tuesday, May 22. Click here to get the scoop.