Friday, March 16, 2007

Patterns from bowiechick...

...soon to be rippler. She's lurking and plotting and came across these she wanted to share:

...and since i've had a slew of new rippler requests today, i thought to get them out of hiding in the comments post haste!

FYI, our ranks are 65 at the moment, but we have close to 20 outstanding invites! Once again, if you'd like to join and haven't yet done so, please leave a comment WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS or send it to me at: kyogadawn at visi dot com.


Cecilia said...

Dawn, for some reason I can't find how to ask to play along, may I?

Crystal said...

May I have an invite please?

Dawn said...

hey! cecilia, pop me an email and will get blogger to send you an invite.

crystal, yours should be in your inbox as i write this!

let me know if you have troubles ladies, we'll get it sorted out posthaste!

sarah said...

I was trying to figure out how to 'join' :) Could you send me an invite?

I LOVE how these are looking and can't wait to start one...or ten :D


Dawn said...

sarah, your invite is on it's way!

kathy said...

Hi like to join ripple and what would be a good ripple to start with
thank you kat